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The Church Studies Homosexuality: a study for United Methodist Groups using the report of the Committee to Study Homosexuality

"A study for United Methodist Groups that guides persons to explore the controversial issues of homosexuality from a Christian perspective and to consider ways to be in ministry to and with persons who are homosexual. It contains the complete text of the 1992 General Conference Report of the Committee to Study Homosexuality and the official United Methodist position as contained in the Social Principals." Published in 1994, this study was later dismissed by the General Conference but was, for its time, an important and singular resource.

Parents Support Group Toolkit

A good toolkit contains a variety of tools that will help you accomplish your task. It may not contain every tool you will need to finish the job, but it contains the basics to get you started. That’s the intention of this Parent Support Group Toolkit. We believe this will help you develop and lead a gathering of the loved ones of queer and trans people: parents, grandparents, siblings, and more. This Toolkit contains five track options and additional resources to help you get started. Each track represents a different way to engage your group. You can follow the tracks exactly as they’re outlined, or you can mix and match the different formats to fit your group’s desires. For example: if the group really loves guest speakers, you can choose the Discussion Track. If your group likes to watch a video and then have discussion, the Media Track may be best. This Toolkit is intended to assist you in evaluating the logistics of meetings. There are also tools to help you discern healthy boundaries and parameters of confidentiality. We hope this Toolkit companions you and your fellow families. Thank you for your ministries of affirmation and community-building! The time and love you pour into a parents support group are vital for changing – even saving – LGBTQ+ lives.