Historic Approval of Regionalization Petitions!


Historic Approval of Regionalization Petitions!

Reconciling Ministries Network expresses our joy that this General Conference voted to initiate the process of worldwide regionalization. We affirm that true connectionalism cannot occur until all regions of the Church possess equal access to self-determination. 

Our faith calls us into connection, and that connection impels us to collaboratively transform inequitable systems in pursuit of a radically Christ-like Church. A Christ-like Church de-centers those in power and centers those on the margins. Through the passage of worldwide regionalization petitions #1, #2, #3, #4, and #8: our Church is making meaningful progress to dismantle our systems of white supremacy and geographic inequality. 

Each of us has a role to play in the co-creation of a Church that testifies to the inclusive and revolutionary love of God. Today’s decisions must be followed by the creation of vital partnerships across the connection as annual conferences begin to pursue ratification. 

Moving forward, RMN will continue to equip annual conferences for the conversations and organization needed to ratify worldwide regionalization. Meanwhile, we re-commit to locating the ways that U.S. dominance and white supremacy inform our theology and work. We confess that we have colluded with a colonial, patriarchal, and white supremacist institution. RMN has participated in the culture, norms, and systems that this legislation now seeks to transform.

We now re-commit to empowering the Church – its diverse, beloved peoples and its diverse, beloved communities – to advocate for an anti-colonial future.