We are in an extraordinary moment in US life when the oppression and injustice long felt by marginalized communities is being advanced and extended by the current administration with remarkable boldness and aggression.

The current rollback of federal guidance on protections for transgender youth and children is an undoing of the minimal progress undertaken previously to protect vulnerable children of God.

There is much to say, much to do, and much to feel during these most troubling and uncertain times. Nevertheless, today we feel compelled to say:

God loves trans children and youth
God loves black and brown trans people
God loves trans immigrants without American documentation
God loves trans people who are poor
God loves trans people who are men, women, non-binary, genderfluid, and agender
God loves trans people of the Islamic faith
God loves trans people of every ability
God loves native trans people
God loves transgender people.
God loves transgender people
God loves transgender people.

Woe unto you who harm children of God.
Woe unto you who discriminate against children of God.
Woe unto you who oppress God’s little ones.
Woe unto you who hide your face from the suffering of God’s people.
Woe unto you who sell your soul, who refuse God’s grace, and resist love.

Just as we are now faced with extraordinary challenges to the most basic of Godly values and principles, we are faced with extraordinary opportunities to witness to the gospel. Transgender children and youth are under attack by a government hellbent on maintaining historic systems of privilege and oppression. If we are to be the church of Jesus Christ, our only call is to embody love, organize for justice, and resist these forces of wickedness.

Please take action in your church, local communities, and state levels on behalf of all those marginalized communities now under attack – for Christ’s sake.

Editor’s note: In a few months, the Supreme Court will hear what could be a landmark case on transgender student rights. If you are a faith leader, add your name today to this historic amicus brief in support of Gavin and transgender students across the country. 

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