I am a Christian, and I’m making a film about LGBT people.

Why? There seems to be a slow but steady shift in the hetero-christian community.

Just a few years ago the popular belief of many us straight, evangelical Christians regarding LGBT people involved some sort of ex-gay, conversion therapy. A pastor’s response to a nervous parent whose child just came out included some version of “do not accept their orientation as truth.” This resulted often in kids being kicked out of their homes in the name of God.

But nowadays, many of us denounce the hate we hear from Westboro. We are saddened by the increase of LGBT homeless youth because of their parent’s rejection. We are deeply grieved by the turmoil and depression that reparative therapy caused.

We have, in a very small way, said “I’m sorry.”

But we don’t get to stop with “I’m sorry.”

We don’t get to go back to normal life. Back to happy Sundays. Back to our self-centered lives – free of any guilt. Because, you know, we apologized.

There has simply been too many wounds and destroyed families and lost lives to think our silence is enough.

We have to speak up. We have to take action.

We have to speak against hate and phobias.

We have speak love into ignorance.

We have to take some form of action.

It’s not going to be easy. Or comfortable. Or perfect.

We often won’t be able to find the right words.

We will mess up.

But it really is the least we can do.

And I, for one, want to be a reflection of love rather than silence. I want to represent hugs, and laughter, and tears, and slow, painful healing.

That’s why I’m making “At The End Of The Day”. It’s my step of action. It’s my stand against phobia and ignorance.

And it’s my prayer that it says more than “I’m sorry.”

Learn more about the film and how to support it here.

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