Yesterday in the North Texas Annual Conference, a resolution was passed to affirm the process put forth by the Council of Bishops at General Conference, sending a clear message that the majority of United Methodists in their conference are ready for a change in business as usual in The United Methodist Church. The delegates of the North Texas Conference voted on the following statement as reported here:

“Whereas we support the decision of the 2016 General Conference to empower the Council of Bishops in leading The United Methodist Church beyond the current tensions rooted in our disagreements over human sexuality; and 

whereas we share the acknowledgment that ‘our Discipline contains language that is contradictory, unnecessarily hurtful, and inadequate for the variety of local, regional, and global contexts;’ the inadequacy of current language to address a wide diversity of ministry settings is also clear in the North Texas Annual Conference and we are heart broken for those who have been denied full access to the ministries of the church; and

whereas the Council of Bishops is exploring ‘options to help the church live in grace with one another—including ways to avoid further complaints, trials and harm while we uphold the Discipline,’ and we pray that members of our Annual Conference will demonstrate a spirit of compassion even when we are not of one mind;

therefore, be it resolved that until the Council of Bishops Commission completes its work, members of the NTCUMC will prayerfully and actively work toward a new reality in which space is given while joining the bishops and upholding the discipline for a diversity of theological reflection, preaching and practices surrounding ministry with LGBTQ+ members of our congregations that is authentic to the call of pastors, parishioners and their contexts for ministry as they do their best to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

This is the first legislative action ever taken by the North Texas Annual Conference regarding human sexuality and the resolution was adopted by standing vote with an overwhelming majority in support.

The amendment (the underlined text in the resolution) passed narrowly with a vote of 325-356.”

Along with the passing of the resolution, over 100 UMC clergy signed a letter stating that they “desire to prayerfully and actively work toward full inclusion in our annual conference.”

Reconciling Ministries Network gives thanks for the leadership of Reconciling clergy who helped move these statements forward and for Bishop McKee in being unafraid and unashamed to publicly proclaim that LGBTQ members are “welcomed, loved, and not seen as incompatible by me.”

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