We confirm our baptismal commitment to resist evil and injustice in every form they present themselves.

We reject the Traditionalist Plan. Our ministry will not be hindered, we will continue to welcome and affirm all individuals and families in our community, including people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

As a Reconciling Congregation, we will use our holy space for same gender marriages. We will affirm and support clergy who choose to officiate these ceremonies. They are an expression of Pastoral Care in our congregation.

We have no tolerance for trials. We will support our pastoral leaders, we will not comply with requests for information, answer questions or participate in the process leading toward trials. We will discourage members of our community from complying with the prosecution of their pastor.

We will not comply with forced leave of absence, suspension without pay or other punitive actions directed toward our pastors for offering pastoral care to our entire congregation.

We will stand in solidarity in the event of a trial or “just resolution” related to the inclusion ofLGBTQIA+ people in the life of the church. We believe in the power of the connectional church, we honor the investment of our foundation in that connection and will work to express justice more fully.

We commit to our District inclusive ministry network and resolve to grow inclusive healthy churches. We commit to UMC Next and all others working for justice for the transformation of the church.

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