I am not a scholar of Theology, religion, or Christianity. What I am is a person, a human, and a child of God knitted by God’s hands while in my mother’s womb.

I’m also as the modern world labels me, transgender. To be more compliant with their terminology, I’m a pre-operative, male to female transsexual that is an abomination in the eyes of the Bible. Now if that isn’t a mouth full, I don’t know what is. To be honest, I just wish they’d call me Sandi like everyone else does, except my parents, and let me live my life, without their judgment, for isn’t it written in the Scriptures, to judge not, least ye be judged?

Let me check.

Hold on a minute.

O.K…  Ah yes, here it is, The Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 7 verses 1-3: Do Not Judge Others

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged. And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?”

I knew it was in there somewhere. Oh yes, I’m also a smart aleck and sarcastic. Sorry, it’s just me; maybe as you read more of my post, you’ll understand me better.

So, why do I feel I’m “Uprooted” in today’s modern world?  More importantly how will attending the “Rooted” Conference this August benefit me?  This my dear readers, I hope to explain.

First and most importantly I think the most precious of gifts bestowed upon us is to be a child of God.

Secondly, our being individuals is what makes the world unique and wonderful beyond imagination. What I do not understand is why modern culture wants to discourage our personal individuality. It’s preached in the pulpits and how we must conform to the rules written in the Bible. Except of course when those rule would interfere with their life. Perfect examples are outlined in Leviticus Chapter 11. But wait, how many of us can imagine an Easter or Christmas Dinner without our holiday ham? Or those yummy shrimp trays, or lobster tails, or a nice catfish dinner or for those that enjoy Cajun Cuisine some good old crawfish? The consumption of those items are considered a delicacy to be enjoyed and one used in celebration of the birth and resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, yet their consumption is an abomination according the same book of the Bible that condemns homosexuality. I just do not understand how there can be two different sets of rules. I’m hoping that will be address in the upcoming conference.

Some of what I’ve heard preached is that being transgender or homosexuality is a choice.  Are these people serious?  

Why would I choose to take cross gender hormones, flip my life 180 degrees, risk losing my friends and family.  Not to mention opening myself up to verbal and physical abuse and assaults as well as open and blatant discrimination?  The answer is I didn’t.  What I did choose was to hide in the proverbial closet.  Denying my true self being as knitted by God.  

I choose to live life as man thought I should live, not as God intended me to live.  

I choose to experience the pain and hardship of not loving myself for me.  Yet I expected to love God, whom I was told hated my true self, Come on folks, you can’t have it both ways.

Since I have transitioned and found a “Welcoming and Reconciling” church my life has been the best it has ever been.  I have a closer relationship with God then ever before.  I will be taking classes this weekend for the Basic lay speaker with hope of becoming a Certified Lay speaker.

I’m looking forward to the “Rooted” Conference so I can learn how to share God’s love for everyone and to answer the questions I’ve asked above.

For more information on Rooted or to register for this transformative conference, click HERE.

Are you an ally and wish to donate towards scholarships for transgender and gender non-conforming attendees? Click HERE to donate!

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