In my younger years, I was puzzled by the negative responses to certain people.

As time passed and the rumors became more understandable, it was difficult for me to accept their conceptions and harsh words. At age 18 I married a wise man and we joined our local UMC, which was founded by his Grandfather. We were blessed by two wonderful sons and as they grew up, I realized the younger was quite different from his older brother who was “all boy.”

Our younger was extremely intelligent and loved books, dolls, and exhibited many feminine traits. Being ignorant to this difference made it impossible for us as parents to respond with anything but unconditional love when he came out to us. After excelling in all his academics, from first grade, college, medical school and becoming a physician, he was greatly loved and admired by all his family, friends, and his church.

Although my family was aware of UMC’s stand on homosexuality, my husband and I continued to support our local church for almost 60 years. However, after I learned of many other denominations becoming accepting, I attempted to make contact with our Bishop but, instead was called by our DS. Our conversation was less than satisfactory and I was told that the Bishop was too busy to see me. I desired them to have copies of my memoir, “Two Sons Twice Born” and I was told to mail copies to the DS, which I did.

No response at all.. My younger son died in 1993, the older, who was brain injured from an accident 16 years prior, died in 1994, and my husband died in 2006. As my attempt to have my UMC become accepting failed, my attendance and financial support have also failed.

My heart cannot tolerate a denomination that condemns people for something over which they have no control.

I can assure you that my gay son struggled with his conscience and prayed constantly for God to change him. But, it was not meant to be. Please wake up UMC and allow your motto, Open Doors, Open Hearts, and Open Minds to come to fruition.

By Hilda Atkins Moore

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