Having recognized that our congregation has already developed into a reconciling congregation, Trinity United Methodist Church of Port Townsend, Washington, hereby publicly proclaims that we recognize all people regardless of their age, economic status, faith history, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identification as children of our Creator, therefore, each is our beloved brother or sister and are welcome to join us in our journey towards seeking love, truth, and healing.

We desire to help heal the wounds of all our brothers and sisters, especially those caused by misunderstandings of the scriptures of many religions and simply by cruel and unjust treatment of marginalized communities so that, together, we can travel forward in love, peace, and understanding.  It is our goal to impart to each that we are all beloved children of our Creator.

TUMC recognizes that every person born into this world is a child of God and that each of us are loved.  Our gender, our sexual orientation, our social status does not affect the constant flow of God’s love that is always available to each of us.    It is the goal of TUMC to nurture, celebrate, help develop, and love each individual and be a source of comfort and strength as we all make our way through the inevitable tough times we encounter in our daily lives.

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