A Christian curriculum for gender justice

As Reconciling people, we strive to make the church a welcoming and just place for all God’s people. Many of us have engaged in the the holy work of making our communities safer for lesbian, bi, and gay individuals, but knowledge of how to extend the Table to the trans community has been limited.

Trans-forming the church” is meant to help you and your faith community begin the conversation about how to support trans and gender non-conforming people in your church and in society at large. Led by Rev. Liam Hooper, RMN’s trans community organizer, this ten video series builds on personal experience, scripture and theology, and gender theory to empower you to deepen your understanding of God’s call on all of us to trans-form the church.

Totaling just under 30 minutes, these videos pair well with the study questions provided below making for a perfect Sunday School hour activity to kick-off your journey to supporting the trans community. We hope you will find this an enriching resource, opening your minds and hearts to God’s love in new ways.

To be in touch with Rev. Liam Hooper with questions, feedback, invitations to partner, or reflections on your community’s conversations, send him an email at liam@rmnetwork.org

1. An introduction

4. Brothers, Sister, and others

7. What you don’t need to know

2. What does it mean to be trans?

5. What’s in a name?

8. Whose story do you tell?

10. Sex, gender, and sexuality

3. Adam, Eve, and the rest of us

6. Why do pronouns matter?

9. The buzz about bathrooms

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