Kenosha Declaration on Reconciling Churches with Rejected LGBTQI Clergy and Ordination Candidates

February 5, 2017

Whereas First United Methodist Church of Kenosha, Wisconsin has declared itself a Reconciling Ministries Congregation, and

Whereas we have experienced for ourselves the harm of discrimination against clergy and candidates for ordination based on sexual orientation, and

Whereas we have experienced the joy of reconciliation with a clergy person whom we rejected based on sexual orientation, namely the Rev. Kevin A. Johnson;

Therefore, be it resolved that the people gathered on this day at the First United Methodist Church of Kenosha, Wisconsin, declare that discrimination against any person, especially clergy and ordination candidates, based on sexual orientation, is wrong. Discrimination separates people from God’s ministry from one another, and from the benevolence of Christian ministry and healthy relationships in faith.

We further declare that reconciliation between the church and LGBTQI clergy and candidates for ordination is a good way to build the Beloved Community, and

We call upon churches who have rejected clergy and ordination candidates based on sexual orientation to reconcile themselves with one another and with God.

Written and declared by First United Methodist Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 during a service of Reconciliation for the harm done against LGBTQ persons in The United Methodist Church

Watch a recap video of their service of repentance 

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