• Collective is a religious institution which invites exploration of the questions humans have traditionally turned to religion to answer: What are we doing here? What are we supposed to be doing? How does one live a ‘good’ life?
  • Collective is an inclusive community where our quest for answers to these questions can be explored and shared.
  • Collective welcomes and celebrates people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.
  • Collective assumes the answers to these questions will inevitably prompt efforts to reduce the suffering of fellow humans and to ensure the sustainability of our planet.
  • When these efforts arise from a religious/spiritual leading, energy is created to support these efforts. This energy is often contagious and often evolves into a corporate leading which Collective will support.
  • Collective will support efforts which build on the existing strengths, capabilities and assets of the congregation because these efforts yield the best results.
  • Collective seeks to create an image of a more fair, just, and satisfying world for this is an accomplishment in and of itself and can go a long way toward creating that world.
  • Collective accepts its role as the home of self-selected seekers and does not attempt to be a church for everyone.
  • Collective’s Community Statement is our guide and contains the principles we strive to practice together.

We value highly the metaphor of journey. We’re different people from different places and backgrounds, representing an inter-generational community, and we’ve traveled different paths. So, we agree not to make assumptions about the person across from us, next to us, or in conversation with us. We challenge ourselves to be sensitive, knowing this community includes a diverse group of people from life-long followers of Jesus, to people who are just now open to the idea that God might exist. We strive to avoid offense, ask good questions, articulate and explain our responses. We don’t assume fluency in bible, spirituality, or Church language, because we believe the message of Jesus is not for Christianity, but for humanity. So, we do everything in the spirit of love and grace.

Visit The Collective’s website here.

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