When the church gathered on July 11, 2010 to discuss the recommendations of a revitalization task force, none present were surprised to hear that claiming their identity moves the church towards a more vital and relevant future. The task force presented eleven ideas spanning many areas of the church’s ministry. Many of these ideas were received after considerable debate and discussion, but recommendation number three was received and affirmed by both the church council and the entire congregation unanimously. This recommendation was to affiliate as a Reconciling Congregation and establish the following Reconciling Statement:

The Church of the Saviour, Indianapolis, seeks to be fully inclusive to all God’s Children. Our welcome knows no boundaries of age; race; ethnicity; culture; gender; sexual orientation; gender identity; economic condition; physical or mental ability; theological, social or political perspective.
We embrace, celebrate, preserve and promote the amazing beauty of God’s creative diversity and seek only reconciliation among all children of God.

You can learn more about this busy and growing congregation at: http://cosumindy.wordpress.com.

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