Today it was decided that the Celeveland officer who shot Tamir Rice will face no charges. Read about the decision here.

How fitting it is that today is the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents, the day in which the Church remembers the children slaughtered by Herod in his attempt to kill Jesus.

On this Feast Day of the Holy Innocents, the family of Tamir Rice, an innocent child murdered by the state, learned that they would not get justice.

The Holy Innocents were killed and never received justice. It seems that humanity hasn’t progressed much since the first century, and the relative apathy many Christians have to the continual murders of innocent unarmed people of color in the United States demonstrates that “Christian values” are currently more aligned Herod’s than with Christ’s.

Yet, on this day I have hope that one day we will no longer awake to learn that innocent lives have been taken, one day we will have a state that does not murder its own citizens, one day all children will be safe to play in their own neighborhoods, one day all innocents will get the chance to live life free from fear and oppression.

Jarell Wilson

Jarell is a graduate ofAustin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a Twitter addict, a blogger, and a self-proclaimed Methodork. He attended Baylor University and graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Sociology. He’s an Austinite but not quite a true Texan; an activist in Chacos; a proud Slytherin; a Matt Smith Whovian; a scented candle aficionado; and obsessed parent of the most wonderful dog in all of God’s creation. While he isn’t working or studying, he can be found slacking off, prowling whatever city he is in for the best places to eat, reading, watching Netflix, and singing…rather loudly. He is currently a certified candidate for ordained ministry in the Rio Texas annual conference of the United Methodist Church on the elder track.
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