Become a Reconciling United Methodist (RUM)

Reconciling United Methodists (RUMS) serve as witnesses to the Church and world of God’s affirmation of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities. By hosting a RUM drive, Reconciling Communities invite members to join in the movement for Reconciliation and justice for all persons.

Now is a great opportunity for Reconciling Churches to organize RUM member drives as a way to recommit after General Conference 2019 to the full work of reconciliation.

What do RUMs Do?


Register as an inclusive United Methodist with the RMN national office.



Tell the story of why you are a RUM and invite your loved ones to join the movement alongside you.



Give to support the work of Reconciliation. Many RUMS give a monthly contribution to RMN of $10/month.


YES, I join the witness of United Methodists who welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities into the full life of the church. 

No information shared with RMN will ever be publicly listed or shared. Signing up as a Reconciling United Methodist will help keep you informed of the work of Reconciling Ministries Network and how you can support our vital ministries.

Join Us!

  • What does this mean? Find out!
  • Be sure to include an apartment number if applicable!
  • Example: First UMC, Atlanta, GA
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