RMN Internship Application

Interning with RMN has allowed me to transform my belief in seeking justice for my neighbor into concrete action. As an intern with RMN, I’m surrounded by amazing staff who are supportive spiritually and emotionally as well as encouraging through my academic endeavors.

Joey Rodil

RMN Intern

Internship Description

“Interning at RMN offers students an opportunity to experience being part of a national movement for social justice, particularly regarding LGBTQ inclusion. While RMN works specifically for justice within The United Methodist Church, we also engage in broader cultural movements for social justice around LGBTQ issues and other intersectional justice movements.”
-Kathy Cheney-Egan, Director of Fund Development

Goal: To provide qualified candidates with an opportunity to be a part of the movement for LGBTQ equality within The UMC.

General Administrative Support
Provide support to staff with daily office tasks

  • Data entry
  • Copy editing
  • Mailings
  • Filing
  • Other general administrative support tasks

Fundraising Staff Support
Provide support to the fundraising staff

  • Gift Acknowledgements, both verbal and written
  • Donation processing
  • Donation deposits
  • Other fundraising staff support tasks

Outreach and Movement Building
Provide support to regional organizers and local reconciling groups

  • Attend a process coach training
  • Assist regional organizers, reconciling groups, and others by supplying
  • RMN resources
  • Other outreach and movement building tasks

Special Projects

  • Special projects through RMN surface throughout the year. You may be asked to assist or help start a project as an intern with RMN. Descriptions and instructions for these projects will be provided upon assignment.

Recommended Skills: (The following are recommended skills)

  • Computer (Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Applications)
  • The ability to use a computer to complete tasks
  • Verbal and written communication   
  • The ability to communicate with staff, regional organizers, donor constituents, and other groups through telephone, email, or other means of communication


*The internship is located in the national office of RMN in Chicago, IL.
*At this time, RMN cannot provide monetary compensation, housing, or stipends for interns.

Apply to be an RMN Intern!

Become a part of Team RMN!
  • Full Name
  • Please indicate your gender pronouns (i.e. she/her, he/him, them/their, etc.)
  • Please provide full name.
  • (IE: Parent, partner, friend, etc.)
  • Short Essay

  • References

    Please provide at least 2 references (1 professional reference, 1 personal reference). Please provide the name, contact number, and how you are affiliated with the reference
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