Plan a Reconciling worship service

rmnflowerReconciling Sundays are an annual celebration of a community’s commitment to full inclusion of all sexual orientations and gender identities. RMN does not set a prescribed date for Reconciling Sunday; some communities commemorate the anniversary of their vote to become Reconciling and others mark Human Relations Sunday (Third Sunday in January) or a Sunday in June to highlight Pride festivities.

How to plan a Reconciling Sunday

RMN produces an annual worship and resources guide to assist in your planning, but we do not require that you use these materials. In addition to special worship plans, many communities engage in special education or hospitality events to commemorate their commitment to full inclusion. In the past, some churches have invited guest preachers, a community gay or lesbian chorus, or hosted a potluck after church to welcome families of all shapes and sizes! Other Reconciling Sunday activities include starting a study on sexuality or gender identity, a Bible Study on hospitality and God’s ethic of inclusion, community forums on the intersection of racism and homophobia, or an assessment of a church building’s accessibility and limitations.

Reasons to Hold a Reconciling Sunday

  • To celebrate your communities welcome of all persons.
  • To recall God’s promise to love ALL people.
  • To learn more about ending discrimination based upon sexuality and gender.
  • To remember LGBT persons around the world in our church who are not in welcoming places.
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