Organize a Reconciling United Methodist (RUM) member drive

Reconciling United Methodists (RUMS) serve as witnesses to the Church and world of God’s affirmation of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities. By hosting a RUM drive, Reconciling Communities invite members to join in the movement for Reconciliation and justice for all persons.

Now is a great opportunity for Reconciling Churches to organize RUM member drives as a way to recommit after General Conference 2019 to the full work of reconciliation.

How to Organize Your RUM Member Drive


Generate Excitement!

Begin on or conclude with a special Reconciling Sunday to encourage participation. Consider proposing a friendly competition with another Reconciling Community (RC) in your area to see which RC can garner a larger percentage of members to sign up. In the end, everyone wins!

Collect & Report

• Pass out RUM sign-up sheets in Sunday worship bulletins. Print yours here.

• You can also set up laptops after church and ask people to sign up online here.

• Email a spreadsheet of members’ information to admin [at], or

• Mail sign-up cards to the RMN office at 123 W. Madison St., Suite 1450, Chicago, IL 60602

Encourage those who are already signed up to do so again so that RMN can update any information that may have changed.


When RMN has received your list of Reconciling United Methodists, we will send you a report and encourage you to announce this witness with your church, community, or campus ministry at a time of celebration.

Contact Us

Have questions? Contact your regional organizer:

Western Jurisdiction – Rev. Izzy Alvaran
South Central Jurisdiction – Laura Young
Southeastern Jurisdiction – Helen Ryde

Other Jurisdictions – RCprocess [at]


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