RMN Board Self-Nomination

RMN is seeking candidates for the 2019 Board of Directors. We are seeking people with a passion for social justice who are committed to the full welcome, inclusion, and celebration of LGBTQ people in the United Methodist church. We are expanding our search process to include self-nominations. This information is designed to let potential candidates know the responsibilities of being a director, opportunities for engagement at a different level in the justice movement and to answer questions candidates may have.

Board Positions:

There are two kinds of board positions:

  • At-Large Member of Board (3-year term which may be renewed for a second 3-year period)
  • Extension Ministry Representative (two 2-year terms; Parents Reconciling Network; UMATI, UMOC, MOSAIC) – those serving are nominated by the particular Extension Ministry.

Reports to: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is legally and ethically responsible for all activities of the RMN. To that end it:

  1. Determines how the organization will carry out its mission through long- and short-range planning
  2. Adopts an annual budget and provides fiscal oversight through at a minimum monthly reviews at by the Executive Committee
  3. Recruits, orients, and develops board members
  4. Hires and evaluates the performance of the Executive Director
  5. Evaluates the Board’s performance and overall performance of the organization in achieving the mission
  6. Establishes policies for the effective management of the organization
  7. Selects from among its members officers and committees to carry out its work

Responsibilities of each Board Director:

  • Understand and promote the organization’s mission
  • Be familiar with the organization’s programs, policies, and operations
  • Attend Board meetings and appropriate committee meetings (typically the Board meets twice each year plus attends/supports Convocations and UMC General Conferences)
  • Actively serve on at least one committee and offer to take on special assignments
  • Review agenda and supporting documents prior to meetings
  • Make an annual contribution to the organization
  • Participate in fund-raising activities and special events
  • Strictly adhere to conflict of interest policies
  • Strictly adhere to confidentiality policies

Time Demands (approximate):

  • Attend and actively participate in semi-annual board meetings
  • Actively participate in committee meetings and related work (1-3 hours per month as determined by the committee)
  • Attend special events such as fundraisers and movement-wide ceremonies (2 fundraisers per year recommended)
  • Attend new board member orientation (approx. 3-4 hours during the first Board meeting of the year)

Summary of Financial and Resource Development Expectations:

  • Work with the RMN staff and board to raise a minimum of $5,000 annually for RMN (Directors may choose to meet this requirement through a combination of personal giving and fundraising support)
  • Plan and participate fundraising events in your local area
  • Recruit sponsors, as needed
  • Identify and cultivate potential donors
  • Meet with potential donors/funders to encourage funding the RMN, answer questions, etc.

Beyond the expectations of a Director of the Board, please know that we are interested in the personal attributes you would bring to the Board and personal characteristics that may enrich you as a Board member. The questions below are designed to give you an opportunity to tell us, and to reflect for yourself, on these things.

RMN Board of Directors Self-Nomination Form

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