Coach a congregation or community through the Reconciling process

Step 1: Register | Step 2: Get trained | Step 3: Change The UMC one community at a time

In the past year we trained over 250 United Methodists who are now working with churches to equip them to share God’s welcome to ALL people. RMN has identified 500 prospective Reconciling congregations – we need your help to engage them in widening their welcome to our LGBTQ sisters and brothers. Each training will cover topics common in the Reconciling process: complex identities, framing, steps of the Reconciling Process, graceful engagement, and conflict management. For a more detailed view of what a coach is asked to do, please look at the Process Coach Description.

If you would like to be a process coach or are already coaching a community through the Reconciling process please contact the Regional Organizer assigned to your jurisdiction:

Grow RMN’s list of prospective Reconciling communities!  Are there communities in your town, district, or annual conference who are interested in joining our network for a fully inclusive church? Help RMN grow its list by emailing your Regional Organizer about prospective communities.

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