Luke 22:14 – 23:56

A mother of a transgender child responds to her judgmental neighbor:

this sadness I feel
is for you sad one
you are so lost
yet want to save me

this anger I feel
is for you angry one
your screams suffocate
your silent stillness

this loss I feel
is for you lost one
your call still beckons
yet I embrace mine

this confusion I feel
is for you confused one
you believe the illusion
that we are not equals

this concern I feel
is for you concerned one
you try to separate us
yet our source is the same

this calm I feel
in spite of you crazed one
you search frantically
and only find your own fear

this love I feel
is for you God’s beloved
you hate those like me
who accept their journey


 A Season of Becoming: Restoring and being restored for the transformation of the church and world

Lorena Cory

Lorena is a member of First United Methodist Church of Arlington Heights in Illinois (FUMCAH).She is also the director of the youth choir there, and the founder of “Pinwheels”- a support group for families with gender creative children and teens.

Lorena is the mother of three children and a private voice instructor with studios in two high schools and my home.Her oldest daughter is transgender, and herr family is on an amazing journey together. They are not alone.
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