a bountiful current of support for LGBTQ justice and inclusion in the Church

Join the Wellspring

You can join The Wellspring by committing to a monthly or quarterly investment in the work of Reconciling Ministries Network.

We hope that 150 generous and visionary RUMs will join The Wellspring this year.

      • We want to thank our first 100 RUMs who join The Wellspring with an RMN ceramic mug.
      • The next 25 donors will receive copies of Bishop Karen Oliveto’s two books, Together at the Table and Our Strangely Warmed Hearts.
      • The following 25 donors will receive an RMN enamel pin.

        All existing recurring donors and those who join through The Wellspring will receive a monthly email exclusively for Wellspring community members.

Looking to make a one-time gift to RMN? You can do that here.

Thank you for your support!

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