Reconciling Ministries Network is thrilled to welcome Joey Rodil to the Chicago office as our newest intern! Joey is a student at Chicago Theological Seminary and will be working with us through May 2017. Learn more about him and what brings him to RMN below and help us welcome him to the Network!

Tell us a little about who you are:

I am a student at Chicago Theological Seminary in the Master of Divinity program. I moved to Chicago in 2013 from Jacksonville, Florida where I worked in college and young adult ministry for the United Methodist Church. I also worked at the University of North Florida in student leadership and programming. I enjoy working in the non-profit realm and hope to become a non-profit administrator upon graduation. I love the beach, however, I don’t like the sand. Sounds a little strange, but the sand gets everywhere! I enjoy the beauty of the water and relaxing sound of the waves.

What are you most excited about for your internship with Reconciling Ministries Network?

I pursued RMN for my field education placement because I’m excited to learn about the “behind the scenes” work of an LGBTQIA faith-based advocacy organization. There is plenty of movement in the background of advocacy work that I cannot see through public and social media mediums. I look forward to working with RMN and learning from passionate and talented people at RMN.

Why are you passionate about queer and trans justice in The United Methodist Church?

I am most passionate about queer and trans justice in The United Methodist Church because I strongly believe one’s narrative and journey cannot exclude them from experiencing the Divine. As a person whose narrative includes a queer identity, I want to strive for an open community where everyone feels welcome to experience God in and through the world.

Who is your favorite theologian and why?

What a tough question! There are plenty to choose from. Currently, my favorite theologian is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I say “currently” because I’m sure I will be introduced to more theologians along my academic adventure. Bonhoeffer has challenged me to put my beliefs into action and seek justice throughout my life. I’ve been challenged to do more than speak about and against injustice. I’ve been encouraged to take action by participating in movements whether that be through financial or physical involvement. The work of justice not only needs physical bodies but in this world, financial resources bring strength to social justice work.

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