Bound Not Broken










(Photo by Maile Bradfield, UMNS)

On Tuesday, May 17, LGBTQ people and allies demonstrated in response to call for unity without justice. Hundreds of protesters participated in the action by having their hands bound and some demonstrated by laying on the ground in vulnerability and singing, “Blessed be the tie that binds.”

Bishops Called for Leadership












(Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS)

“Delegates asked the Council of Bishops to lead the church out of the “painful condition” it is in after an address by Bishop Bruce Ough that called for unity but did not address full inclusion of LGBTQ people.” Read more, HERE.

Lay United Methodists Mobilize

Since launching yesterday, we’ve had over 4,000 lay members sign onto this letter. Sign your name to this letter and we’ll present it to General Conference in Portland, OR, this week. You’ll be joining more than 2,000 clergy from within and beyond the United Methodist Church in working for greater equality for all of our spiritual leaders.

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