The Rev. Prof. Peter Storey is a South African preacher known around the world for preaching that addresses both personal and social dilemmas. As a young minister, he was chaplain to Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners in Robben Island prison. As a pastor, his congregation became one of the first integrated communities in defiance of South Africa’s racist apartheid regime and a center of protest, as well as offering a varied spiritual ministry to the city of Johannesburg . As a bishop, he was a leader of both the Methodist Church and the South African Council of Churches in the struggle for freedom and justice, and when the nation was torn by violence, he played a leading peacemaking role. Later President Mandela invited him to help appoint the nation’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. After South Africa’s liberation he taught at Duke University Divinity School and was named a Distinguished Professor there. Returning to his homeland in 2006, he was charged with building a new Methodist seminary, a project completed in 2010. He now lives in retirement in Cape Town.

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