I have so many why questions. As I sit here at the computer not writing papers for classes towards my Master’s.  But I can’t stop asking myself these questions.

Why do I not have to explain to my kids about wearing a hoodie while walking around, yet my Black girlfriends do?

How can I help the homeless man I saw at an ice cream store a month ago who is still swirling in my thoughts and my heart?  The t-shirts wrapped around his feet for shoes, and the smell of urine and sweat strong. I wouldn’t even know how to find him. Let alone what to do for him.

Why did my church’s annual conference choose not to join the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice when our General Conference has left that table? (3 other AC’s in this jurisdiction have voted to have seats at that table)

How do I truly help unify communities that seem so impenetrably divided?

Why is it so hard for some people to adjust their language to accept the transition of gender of a loved one and so easy for others?  Do people not understand this falls into the non-acceptance that is why the suicide rate for transgender persons is so much higher than the rest of society?

And then, I attend a candlelight vigil for peace and unity. At the end I gave a hug. As I hugged she cried, I held her while she let go of some the emotions of the weekend of vigils she had attended, and the life of not being “one of us”. I simply gave supported space for another to feel how they needed to in a moment.  It cost me nothing.

Why can’t we all do that, for everyone all the time?

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