For Rev. David Meredith, on the occasion of his wedding day, Saturday, May 7, 2016.

As clergy in the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, we stand in support of and celebration with our friend and colleague David Meredith and his spouse, Jim Schlachter.  For too long, our LGBT colleagues have had to keep their identities and relationships hidden in order to answer their call to ministry and avoid institutional conflict and controversy. This has denied them transparency, and denied the church their full voice and authentic witness to God’s love as it has been revealed to and through them.  At the same time, the UMC benefits from these colleagues’ wide-ranging gifts and sacrificial service, as they bring depth and life to congregations and ministries in every part of our denomination.  We hope and pray that as David and others have the courage to come out in the open, the United Methodist church will also find the courage and the wisdom to embody the full inclusion that is a visible sign of the love and ministry of Jesus.


Rev. Wayne F. Albertson
Rev. Jay Anderson
Marcus Atha
Jennifer K. Bailey
Rev Michelle Baker
Anna Blaedel
Rev. April S. Blaine
Amelia Cooper Boomershine
Rev. Pam Brater
Rev. N. Eugene Brundige
Rev. Bryan D Bucher
George O. Campbell
Julie Carmean
Rev. Jennifer Casto
Michael Casto
Rev. William Casto Jr.
Larry C. Clark
Laurie Lynn Clark
Bishop Judith Craig
Norman E “Ned” Dewire
Rev. Donald G. Dixon
Helen K Dukes
Rev. John W. Edgar
Rev. Darryl Fairchild
Rev. Eugene Finnegan
Dr. Eugene Folden
Reverend Suzanne Fountaine
Rev. Anna Guillozet
Rev Jan Harry
Rev Tom Harry
Rev. Dr. Steven Harsh
Lowell Headley
Terry R. Heck
The Reverend Dr. Brooks W. Heck
Soren M. Hessler
Rev. Cheri Holdridge
Mary Steele Holm
Rev. Beth A. Holten
Rev. Dr. Sylvia Hull
Beverly Hume
William Hunter
Rev. & Mrs. Michael D. Johnson
John Keeny
Brett A. Kelly
Rev. Lisa Kerwin
Kristin Langstraat
Stanley Thomas Ling
Diane Lobody
Rev. Michael H Mahoney
Rebeka Maples
Jackie Marshall
Kendall K. McCabe
Rev. Sue McClelland
Rev. Eric McGlade
Mebane Mcmahon
Rev. Sue Ellen Miller
Rev. Jeffrey S. Mullinix
Karen Muntzing
Roger Nichols
Rev. Colleen Ogle
Kevin Orr
Rev. Rebecca Scott Ozcomert
Rev. Steven Putka
Rev. Jennifer Quigley
Rev. Elizabeth A. Reed, Ph.D.
Rev. Jim Riggs
The Rev. D. Thomas E. Sagendorf
Jean Schafer
Rev. Glenn Schwerdtfeger
Rev. Louise R. Seipel
Rev Karen M Shepler
Rev. Angie D. Sherer
Rev. Deborah K. Stevens
Rev. Harold M. Stockman
Rev. Jessica Stonecypher
Rev. Samuel M Stover
Rev. Dr. R. Stanley Sutton
Dawn Swartz
Rev. Patricia Wagner
Robert Wagner
John Wallace
Linda Wallick
Rev. Dr. Donald H Wallick, Jr.
Rev. James E. Waugh
Tim White-Hofman
Laura Cean Wilson
Rev. Elizabeth Wineland
Rev. Paulette Wittenbrink
Reverend John Wooden
David L. Woodyard
Rev. Laura Young

The list of 91 clergy above includes 78 Ordained Elders, 6 Ordained Deacons, 1 Commissioned Deacon, 2 Licensed Local Pastors, 3 Associate Members, and 1 Bishop.


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