The Parent’s Reconciling Network is looking for volunteers to make Reconciling Stoles for “Sing a New Song”.

We will ship the pattern, fabric and instructions to you. We are asking that the stoles be made in multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30…….100) to facilitate the shipment of fabric and the cost of postage. It takes approximately 5 hours to make 10 stoles if you are working alone–less time (and more fun) if you gather a group to mass-produce them! We are asking that completed stoles be returned by July 29, 2011.

The rainbow stoles are a unifying symbol of our willingness to embrace the diversity of God’s good creation in our lives, in the life of the United Methodist Church and, ultimately, in the Church Universal.

If you can help, please respond to Helen Andrew ( with your mailing address and noting how many stoles you can make.

We also hope to see you at Sing a New Song!

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