This is a prayer for you,
a soul I have never met;
those of us now left behind
promise to never forget.

There is no sense to be made
of violence and hatred and loss.
The opening of all our eyes
is coming at such high a cost.

From the destruction and pain,
ashes of lives torn apart,
we will cry out once again
to God’s all-compassionate heart.

Give us the strength to speak out
against beliefs that cause harm.
Transform our hearts until we
willingly lay down our arms.

Create your kindom, O God,
help us see each other plain.
Teach us to sow seeds of love
and cling to your heart in our pain.

This is a prayer for you,
a soul I have never met;
God bless our lives to bring forth
beloved community yet.

Lindy Thompson

Lindy Thompson is a lyricist and writer who has collaborated with Mark Miller on many pieces for choral and congregational singing. She lives in Franklin, TN where she and her family are members of Christ UMC. She blogs at

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