Editor’s Note: This letter has been updated to reflect new sign-ons since the original release, totalling over 2,500 signers so far. 

Since Monday, May 9, 2015, 125 LGBTQI clergy and candidates have come out in a love letter to The United Methodist Church saying, “You cannot legislate against God’s call.”

As an act of support of the courage, faith, and over 1550 years of ministry represented by these colleagues, Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, Rev. Dr. Gil Caldwell, and Rev. Frank Schaefer issued the following statement of support and invited other clergy to sign-on through General Conference.

“We, the undersigned clergy of The United Methodist Church, believe it is time: time for us to end the practice of requiring LGBTQI clergy and clergy candidates to hide their most authentic selves. Thus, we call upon General Conference to remove the prohibitions against openly LGBTQI persons being ordained and serving as clergy in our churches. The gifts and graces for ordained ministry may be identified and affirmed through the framework provided by John Wesley’s historic questions (¶310.1.d, ¶330.5.d, ¶336). One’s God-given sexual orientation or gender identity neither qualify nor disqualify a person for ordained ministry.

Our history attests to the ways that we have allowed scriptural interpretation to justify discrimination against beloved children of God in the past. Biblical interpretation justifying the enslavement of Blacks justified the formation of the Methodist Episcopal Church South by Methodists who believed slavery was compatible with Christian teaching. Biblical interpretation was also used to support the conviction that ordaining women was a practice incompatible with Christian teaching. The Bible has not changed; interpretations of it have.

In 2012, Bishop Melvin Talbert called the church to recognize the unchanging Gospel call to love, reconciliation, and justice. Bishop Talbert unswervingly challenged the church to place loyalty to the Gospel above all else. In so doing, he ushered in a movement of Biblical Obedience wherein thousands of United Methodists committed to be faithful to the spirit of love and justice consistently expressed in our holy scriptures and through the life of Jesus Christ.

Today, regardless of the actions of General Conference, we do just this. There is much in The Book of Discipline that is beautiful, life-giving, and grounded in scriptural holiness. But the current language prohibiting LGBTQI people from serving as ordained clergy is discriminatory, unjust, unChristlike, and inconsistent with both holy scripture and the best of our United Methodist heritage. Scores of our LGBTQI clergy colleagues have courageously declared their insistence on serving openly as ordained leaders in the United Methodist Church. We applaud this action; and, at the request of our LGBTQI colleagues, stand in solidarity with those who publicly “come out.”

Our support includes but is not limited to:

*If a clergy person is removed from their charge for being LGBTQI, we will refuse to fill their pulpit, serve in their stead or accept an appointment to said charge so as to demand that the charge continue to be filled by our colleague.

*If serving on the Board of Ordained Ministry, we will examine all candidates for ministry and make decisions of their process regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

*If a complaint is filed against a colleague for being LGBTQI, we will not support any action to place our colleague on leave of absence as some bishops have sought.

It is our hope and prayer that our LGBTQI colleagues would be supported and affirmed in their service to the United Methodist Church. As members together in the body of Christ, we pledge to uphold our covenant relationship with them and with the whole church that truly embraces the gifts and graces of all.


Rev. Dr. Gil Caldwell
Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli
Rev. Frank Schaefer
Rev. Dr. Charles Aaron
Pastor Romana Abelova
Rev. Marsha Acord
Pastor ( retired ) Robert Henry ADAMS
Rev. Morie Adams-Griffin
Rev. Joe Agne
Rev. Dr. Bener Agtarap
Rev. Shalom Agtarap
Rev. Dr. Amy Aitken
Rev. Ann Akin
Rev. Wayne F. Albertson
Pastor Fred Albrecht
Charles Alexander
Rev. Alejandro Alfaro-Santiz
Rev. Dr. Charles Alkula
Rev. Jeff Allen
Rev. J. D. Allen
Rev. Dr. Lynne Alley-Grant
Rev. Ardith Allread
Rev. Joe Alway-Baker
Rev. Tyler Amundson
Rev Dr Duane Anders
Rev. Dr. David Andersen
Rev. Dr. Cheryl Anderson
Rev. Susumu Ando
Rev. Andrea Andress
Rev. Clay Andrew
Rev. Dina Andrews
The Rev. Dr. Teresa Angle-Young
Rev. Susan Angus Haller, Deacon
Rev. Jessica Anschutz
Rev Bruce Anspach
Rev. Stacy Anzick
Rev. Joel Aosved
The Rev. Dr. Deborah Appler
Rev. A. David Argo
Pastor Pamela Armstrong
Rev. Megan Armstrong
Rev. Dale Ashby
Rev. Gerald Asheim Gerald Asheim
Rev. David Aslesen
Rev. Dr. George Atkinson
Rev. Donna Atkinson
Rev. Ruth Atterberry
R ev John Auer
Reverend Brandon Austin
Rev. Jerry Avise-Rouse
Rev. Mary Elyn Bahlert
Rev. Heather Bailes Baker
Rev. Lane Bailey
Rev. Mara Bailey
Rev. Jon Bailey
Rev. Victoria Bailey
Rev. Sharon Baker
Rev Michelle Baker
Rev James Balfour
Rev. John Ball
Rev. Margaret Ball
Rev. Dr. Lisa Bandel
Rev. Sukja Bang
Rev. Gary Barbaree
Rev. Kay Barckley
Rev. Laura Barkley
Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson
Rev. Dave Barnhart
Rev. Sara Baron
Rev. Kelly Barr
Rev. Roger Barr, D.Min.
Rev. Amy Barron-Gafford
Rev. Darryl R. Barrow
Rev Kerry Bart
Rev. Todd Bartlett
Rev. Laura Jaquith Bartlett
Rev. Lucy Barton
Rev Judith Baskin
Rev. Gayle Basten
Rev. Richard Bates
Rev. Gregory Batson
James Batten
Rev. Rachel Baughman
Rev. Dr. Stephen Bauman
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Beals
Rev. Dave Bean
Rev. Andrew Bear
Rev. Charlotte Bear
Rev Kelli Beard
Rev. Sharon Beattie
Rev. Sarah Beck
Rev. Anna Bell
Pastor Ronnie Bell
Rev Dr. Beverlee Bell
Rev. John Bell
Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Bellus
Rev. Denise Bender
Rev. David Bennett
Rev. George S. Bennett
Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett
Rev. Stefanie Bennett
Dr. Dave Benson
Rev. Daniel Benson
Rev Richard Bentley
Rev. Fred Berchtold
Rev. Laura Berg
Pastor Kara Berg
Rev. David Berkey
Rev. Timothy Berlew
Reverend Raymond A. Besse, S.J.C.
Rev Burry Bessee
Rev. Greg Berquist
Rev. Laura Beville
The Reverend W. Michael Biklen
Rev. Carrie Binnie
Rev. Judith Birch
Rev. Betty Jo “BJ” Birkhahn-Rommelfanger
Rev Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger
Pastor Joe Bistayi
Rev. Judith Bither
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Black
Rev. Dr. Jeff Blackman
Pastor Michael BLACKSHER
Rev Dr Thomas Blackstone
The Rev. Philip Blackwell
Rev. April Blaine
Rev Rosalee Blake
Rev. Max Blalock
Rev. Dr. Georjean Blanton
Cynthia Bloise
Reverend Glynden Bode
Rev. Dr. Brian Bodt
Rev. Mady Bohall
Rev Diana Bohn
Rev. Lara Bolger
Rev Richard Bolin
Rev. Dr. Mark S. Bollwinkel
Rev Linda Bolz
Rev. Patricia Bonilla
Rev. Mitchell Boone
Rev. Judith Boroto
Rev Trina Bose North
Rev. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell
Rev., Professor Iliff School of Theology Donald E. Bossart
Rev. Philip Bostrom
Rev. Dr. Dan Bottorff
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Bowen
Rev. Catherine Bowers
Rev Flora Bowers
Rev. Elizabeth Bowes
Rev. Richard Bowyer
Rev. Jessica Boyce
Rev Loren Boyce
Rev Dawn Boyd
Rev. Dr. Mary Boyd
Rev. J. Paige Boyer
Rev. Melissa Boyer
Rev. Anne Bracket
Rev. Elizabeth Braddon
Rev Trudy Brady
Rev. Sherry Brady
Rev. Dr. Rick Branch
Reverend William Braswell
Rev. Pam Brater
Rev. Rodger Brayfindley
Rev. Dr. Donald Bredthauer
Rev. Dr. Vicki Brendler
Rev. Dr. Robert Brewer
Rev. James Brewster
Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth
Rev. Rex Britt
Rev. James E Brooking
Rev. James Brookinh
The Reverend Fred R. Brooks, Jr.
Rev. Bob Brown
Rev. Elton Brown
Rev. Leigh Brown
Rev Curtis Brown
Rev. Carol Ann Brown
Rev. Dr. Sanford Brown
Rev. Andrea Brown
Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Brownrigg
Rev Anne Broyles
Ellen Brubaker
Rev. Wesley Brun
Rev. N Eugene Brundige
Rev Richard E Bruner Richard Bruner
Rev. Dr. Patrick Bruns
Rev. Jennifer Bryan
Rev. James Bryan
Rev. Susan Buchanan
Rev. Pamela Buchholz
Rev. Kathy Bueker Sweet
Rev. Mary Bullis
Rev. David Bunje
Rev. Doyle Burbank-Williams
Reverend Karen Burger
Rev. Kimberly Burke
Rev. Robert Burkhart
Rev. Dr. Anne Burkholder
Chaplain Ivan Burnett
Rev Eric Burton-Krieger
Rev. AJ Bush
Rev. Dr. Blake Busick
Rev. Dr Joy Butcher-Winfree
Rev. Linda Butler
Rev. Lynne Butler
Rev. Beverly Butler
Rev. Russell Butler
Rev. Leonard Buxton
Rev. David Byers-Dent
Rev. Dr. Grace Cajiuat
Rev. Linda Caldwell
Rev. Dr. John Caldwell
Rev. Dorothy Caldwell
Rev. Paul Calkin
Rev. Dr. Juancho Campañano
Rev Jessica Campbell
Rev Scott Campbell
Rev. Sarah Campbell
Rev. Michele Campton-Stehr
Rev. Jenny Cannon
Rev.Dr. Felicisimo Cao
Pastor Cathie Capp
Rev. Kim Capps
Rev. Mel Caraway
Rev Virginia Carle
Rev. Julie Carmean
Rev. Lee Carney Hartman
Rev. Kelly Carpenter
Chris Carr
Rev. John Carr
Rev. Dana Carroll
Rev. Brian Carter
Rev Dr Ellen Carter
Rev. Sarai Case
Rev Ellen Casey
Reverend Carl Caskey
Rev. April Casperson
Rev. Dr. Bill Casto
Rev. Judith Castor
Rev. Ignacio Castuera
Rev Warren Cederholm
Rev. John Chamberlin
Rev. Clare Chance
Rev. Dr. Bonnie Chandler-Warren
Rev. Mark Charlton
Rev. Louis A. Chase
Rev. Janessa Chastain
Rev. Dr. Patrice Cheasty-Miller
Rev. Jane Cheema
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Cheyney
Chuck Chipman
Rev. Sunae Cho
Rev. Dr. Hwa-Young Chong
Rev. Tyler Christiansen
Rev. Ralph Ciampa
Rev Dick Clark
Rev Laurie Lynn Clark
Rev David Clewell
Rev. Jeni Markham Clewell
Rev. Dr. Margaret Click
Rev. Barbara Clinger
Rev. Joshua Clough
Rev. Steve Clunn
Pastor Michael Cobb
Dr. John Cobb
Rev. Laurie Hays Coffman
Rev John Collins
Rev. David Collins
Rev Darlita (Dolly) Collins
Rev. Dr. Rula Colvin
Rev. Eric Conklin
Rev. Dr. Yvonne Conner
Rev. Dr. Katherine Conolly
Rev. Karen Cook
Rev. Sharon Cook
Rev. Luana Cook Scott
Pastor Robert G Coombe
Rev Denny Coon
Rev. Christian Coon
Rev. Kurt Cooper
Rev. Kathy Cooper Ledesma
The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Copeland
Rev. Dr. John Copenhaver
The Rev. Brad Corban
Rev Kaleigh Corbett
Pastor Charles Cordes
Rev Mark Cordes
Rev Rachel Cornwell
Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro
Rev. John Corson
Reverend, Doctor Roberta Corson
Reverend Richard Corson
Rev, Dr. Deacon Phyllis Costn Phyllis Coston
Rev. Marianne Cotter
William Cotton
Rev. Debbie Coutts
Ramona Cowling
Rev. James Cox
Rev. Kate Cox
Rev James Cox
Rev. C. Richaard Cox
Rev. Charles E. Cox
Rev. Britt Cox
Rev. Margaret Ann Crain
Chaplain Robert Crane
Rev. Janet Craswell
Rev. Clarinda Crawford
Rev. Dr. George Crisp
Rev. Brent Criswell
Rev. Janet Cromwell
Reverend Karen Crooch
Rev. Jody Cross-Hansen
Dr. Bill Crowell
Rev. Christine Croxall
John Culp
Rev. Dr. Karin Bascom Culp
Rev. Donald Cunningham
Rev. Doug Cunningham
Rev. Dr. Charles Curl
Rev. Jim Current
Rev Matt Curry
Rev Nancy Cushman
Rev. Darren Cushman Wood
Rev. Earle R. Custer
Rev April Hall Cutting
Rev Larry D Norman
Rev. Sue D’Alessio
Rev. Kelly Dahlman-Oeth
Rev. Karen Dalton
Rev. Doris K. Dalton
Rev. Dan Damon
Rev. Dirk Damonte
Rev. Megan Danner
Rev Nancy Danson
Dr. James Darby
Rev. Dr. Hermon Darden
Rev. Thomas Daugherty
Rev. Susan Davenport
Rev Ben David Hensley
Rev. Rebecca David-Hensley
Rev. Andrea Davidson
Dr Steed Davidson
Rev. Susan P. Davies
Rev. Dr. Mark Davies
Rev. Patrick Davis
Rev. K. James Davis
Rev. Susan Davis
Rev. K.James Davis
Rev Arlene Dawber
Gilbert Dawes
Rev. Katie Dawson
Rev. Barbara Day Miller
Rev. Dr. William Daylong
Rev. Megan Dean
Rev. Susan DeBree
Rev. Donna DeCAmp
Rev. Krysta Deede
Rev. DJ del Rosario
Rev. Sharon Delgado
Rev Edwin DeLong
Rev John Demaree
Rev. Eileen Deming
Rev. Dr. Donna Dempewolf
Rev Ed Denham
Pastor Martin Deppe
Rev. Nancy DeStefano
Magrey deVega
Rev. Linda Dew-Hiersoux
Eric Dewey-Hoffman
Rev. Diuglas Dickson
Rev. Phillip Dieke
Rev. Kay Dillard
Rev. Mary Ann Dimand
Rev. Barb Dinnen
IAnita Dinwiddie
Pastor Christy Dirren
Rev Danyelle Ditmer
Rev. Meredith Dodd
Rev. Melinda Dodge
Reverend John Dodson
Rev. Jim Donnan Jim Donnan
Rev. Emma Donohew
The Rev. Gary Doupe
Rev. Lori Doyle
Rev. Para Drake
Rev. Gwen Drake
Rev. Paul Dreher-Wiberg
Rev. Katrina Drew
Rev. Priscilla Dreyman
Rev. Dr. Clifford Droke
Rev. Edwin DuBose
Rev. Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield
Rev. Doreen Duley
Rev. Tom Duley
Rev. Louise Dumas
Larry Dunlap
Rev. Ron Dunn
Rev. Eric Dupee
Pastor Pat Dupont
The Rev. David E. Durham
Rev. Dr. James Dwyer
Rev. Robert W. Eagle
Rev. Melissa Earley
Rev. Michael Eaton
Rev. Paige Eaves
Rev Becky Eberhart
Rev. Dr. Timothy R. Eberhart
Rev. Len Eberhart
Rev. Daniel Echols
Pastor David Eckert
Pastor Lyda Eddington
Rev. John Edgar
Rev. Richard Edwards
Rev. Dr. Jennie Edwards Bertrand
Rev. Tena R. Edwards Bigham
Rev Jane Eesley
Rev. Janet Eggleston
Rev.Roberta Egli Roberta Egli
Rev. Kara Eidson
Rev. Karen Eiler
Rev. Beth Elders
Rev. Dr. Heather Elkins
Rev. Sharon Elliott-Fox
Reverend Robert Ellis
Rev. John Emerson
Rev. Robert English
Rev. Carl Ennis
Rev. Richard Ernst
Rev. Christopher Eshelman
Rev. Beth Estock
Rev. Linda B. Evans
Rev. Marilyn Evans
Rev. Norman Evans
Rev. Dr. Christopher Evans
Rev Pamela Everhart
The Rev Dr Duane Ewers
Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill
Rev. Sara Ewing-Merrill
Rev. Don Fado
Rev. Darryl Fairchild
Rev. John Fanestil
Pastor Donna Farrell
Rev. Janet B. Farrell
Rev. Ed Farrell-Starbuck
Rev. Patricia Farris
Rev James Fellers
Rev. David Felten
Rev. Dr. James Fenimore
Rev. Dr. Paula Ferris
Rev. Phyllis Fetzer
Rev. Dorothy Field
Rev. Ann B Fields
Rev. Virginia Fifield
Rev.Dr. Carol R Findon
Rev. Pam Fine
Rev Adrienne Fink
Rev. Jennifer Finley
Rev. Stacee Fischer Gehring
Rev. Andrew Fiser
Pastor Deborah Fisher
Reverend Marylee Fithian
Rev. Marylee Fithian
Rev. Claudia Fizer
Rev. Eric Fjeldal
Rev. Paul Fleck
Rev. Vicky A. Fleming
Rev Mandy Flemming
Rev. Vicki Flippin
Rev. Dr. Robert Kenji Flowers
Rev. Dawn Douglas Flowers
Rev. Kate Floyd
Rev. Annette Flynn
Rev Sarah Flynn
Rev Eric Folkerth
Reverend Rebecca Foote
Reverend Seneca Foote
Rev. Susan Foster
Rev. Suzanne Fountaine
Judith Fox
Rev. Jerry Fox
Rev. Carol Fox
Rev. Dr. Dean Francis
Rev. Molly Fraser
Rev. Bea Fraser-Soots
Rev. Karla Fredericksen
Rev. Dale C. Fredrickson
Rev. David Freeman
Rev. Rock Fremont
Rev. Craig French
Deacon Mike Friedrich
Rev. Margo Friend
Rev James Frisbie
Rev. Rinya Frisbie
Rev. Joan Frost
Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Pastor Abraham Funchess
Rev. Mariah Furness Tollgaard
Rev. Arthur Gafke
Rev. Laura Galbraith
Rev. Beth Galbreath
The Rev. Dr. James Galbreath
Rev. Stephanie Gameros
Rev. Debbie Gara
Rev. Erika Gara
Rev. Dr. Harold Garman
Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Rev. Peggy Garrigues
Rev. Dr. Peggy Garrison
Rev. Lisa Garvin
Rev. Bruce Gascoine
Rev. Raven Gaston Raven Gaston
Rev. Linda Gastreich
Rev. Cheryln Gates
Rev. Bill Gattis
Rev. Richard Gay
Rev Frank Gaylord
Pastor Mark Geisthardt
Rev. Larry George
Rev. Nestor Gerente
Pastor Dan Gerhard
The Rev. Thomas Getchell-Lacey
Rev Twila Gibbens
Certified Candidate Dana Gill
Rev Margaret Gillikin
Rev. Dr. Kipp Gilmore-Clough
Rev. John S. Girard
Rev. Dr. Krista Givens
Re . Beth Glass
Rev. Arthur Dan Gleckler
Rev Alice Ann Glenn
Rev. David Glenn-Burns
Rev. Jaymee Glenn-Burns
Rev. Katie Goetz
Rev. Leland Gary Goldman
Rev. Stephen Goldstein
Rev. aul Gongloff
Mr. Ariel Gonzalez
The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Good
Rev. Juanita Bryant Goode
Pastor John Goodell
Rev. Tom Goodhue
Rev. Steve Goodier
Rev. Suzanne Goodwin
Dr. John Gordon
Rev. William Gordon
Rev. Jennifer Goto
Rev Stephen Govett
Rev. Jonathan Grace
Rev. Jim Gragg
Rev. Emily Grammer
Rev. Marion C Grant
Rev. Gloria Grasse
Pastor Michael Gray
Rev. Dr. Barbara Green
Rev. J. Christopher Greene
Rev. Kerry Greenhill
Rev Susan Gregg-Schroeder
Rev. Amy B. Gregory
Rev Linda Littlefield Grenfell
Rev. Kenneth Grenz
Rev. Kenneth K. Grenz
Rev Russ Gresham
Joshua Gribbin
Rev. Dr. Ron Griffen
Rev. Stephen Griffith
Rev. W Scott Grotewold
Rev. Roy Grubbs
Rev. Deborah Grundman
Rev. Chet Guinn
Rev. Dr. Judith Guion-Utsler
Rev. Frank Gulinello Jr
Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez
Rev. Eric Guy
Rev. Morgan Guyton
Pastor Brian Hacklander
Re Grace Hackney
Rev. Ben Hadley-Goggin
Rev. Jeremy Hajdu-Paulen
Rev. Linda Hale
Rev. David Haley
Rev. Terry B. Hall
Rev. Dr. Sid Hall
Rev. Colleen Hallagan Preuninger
Rev. Jenny Hallenbeck Orr
Rev. Deacon Susan Haller
Rev. Julia Halstead
Rev. Sharalyn Hamilton
Rev. Lyle Hamilton
Rev. Robert Hamilton III
Rev. Heather Leslie Hammer
Pastor Mac Hamon
Rev. Dr. Anne Cowick Hampson
Rev. Theodore Hampton
Rev. Wendy Hardin Hermann
Rev. Lea Harding
The Rev. Dr. Youtha Hardman-Cromwell
Mike Harper
Rev. Dale Harris
Rev. Jan Harry
Rev. Tom Harry
Rev. Vincent Hart
Rev. Michael Hart
Rev Charles Hartman
Rev. Linny Hartzell
Pastor Janet Hartzell
Rev. Pharis Harvey
Rev. Kaye Harvey
Rev. Dr. Jason Harvey
Rev. Mary Harvey
Rev. Debra Hastings
Rev Marcia Hauer
Rev. Kenneth Hawes
Rev. Dr. Pamela Hawkins
Rev. V. Mitchell Hay
Rev. Dwight Haynes
Rev. William Hays
Reverend Lee Hayward
Rev. Lowell Headley
Rev. Dr. Susan Heafield
Rev. Dr. Susan Heafner-Heun
Rev Sarah Heath
Rev. Joey Heath
Rev. Dr. Brooks Heck
Rev. Terry Heck
Rev Brooke Heerwald Steiner
Rev. Terry Heislen
Rev Amanda Hemenetz
Reverend Charlotte Hendee
Rev. Alison Hendley
Rev Barbara Herber
Rev. Steven Hermes
Rev. Karen Hernandez
Pastor Patti Herndon
Rev. Devon Herrell
Rev. Eva Herschbach Martin
Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. David Hett
Rev. Richard Hibbert
Rev. Dr. Kevin Higgs
Rev. Justin Hildebrandt
Rev. Carol Hill
Rev. Dr. David Hindman
Rev. Melissa Hinnen
Rev Dr Lawrence Hinshaw
Rev. Norma Hockenjos
Rev Dr Lisa Jean Hoefner
Rev. Erik Hoeke
Rev. Barbara Hoffman
Rev. Judi Hoffman
Rev Dr. John C Holbert
Rev. Anne Holcomb
Pastor Gayle Holden
Reverend Deb Holder
Rev. Cheri Holdridge
Rev. Dr. Mark Holland
Rev Dr Ronald E. Holland
Rev. Bob Holliday
Rev. Judy Holloway
Rev. Mary Holm
Rev. Chris Holmes
Rev. Arthur Holt
Rev. Beth Holten
LS Timothy Holton
Rev. Melanie Homan
Rev. Melissa Hood
Rev. Bryan Hooper
Rev. Scott Hopkins
Rev. Edward Horne
Rev. Dana Horrell
Dr Anna Hosemann-Butler
Rev Jill Howard
Rev. Sarah Howell
Pastor Misty Howick
rev janet hoyland
Rev. Virginia Hubbard
Rev. Jill Hubbard-Smith
Pastor Yeika Huertas-Román
Rev. Dr. Sylvia Hull
Rev Beverly Hume
Pastor Karen Hundrieser
Reverend Erika Hundrieser
Rev. Ann Hunt
Reverend E. Tracy Hunter
Rev. Dr. Anne Marie Hunter
Rev. William Hunter
Dan Hurlbert
Rev. Mary Huycke
Rev Shauna Hyde
Reverend Robin Hynicka
Rev. Dr. Duana Hynson
Pastor Breanna Illénee
Rev. Adrienne Ann Ilseman
Rev Deborah Ingraham
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Irelan
Rev. Julian Irvine
Ravi Isaiah
Rev. Sara Isbell
Rev. Taka Ishii
Rev Steve Islander
Rev. Mary Ivanov
Rev. Donna Fado Ivery
Rev. Dr. Hubert Ivery
Rev AuraLee Jabs
Rev. Donald Jackson
Dr Steve Jackson
Rev Elizabeth Jackson
Rev. Gregory K. Jackson
Rev. Dr. Valerie L. Jackson
Rev. Charissa Jaeger-Sanders
Rev. Dr. Kathlyn James
Rev. Dr. Danielle Ayana James
Rev. Dr. Susan Francis Jarek-Glidden
Rev. Carlos Jayne
Reverend Joyce Jenkins
Rev. Ashley Jenkins
Rev. Dr. Keith A. Jenkins
Rev Robert Jennings-Teats
Rev. Heecheon Jeon
Pastor Juyeon Jeon
Rev. Wongee Joh
Rev. William Johnson
Rev sandy johnson
Ellis Johnson
Rev. Kathryn Johnson
Rev. Samuel Johnson
Reverend Joseph Johnson
Rev. Matthew Johnson
Rev. Mark Johnson
Bishop Alfred Johnson
Rev LyAnna Johnson
Rev. Theon Johnson III
Rev. Bette Johnson Sohm
Rev. Alan Jones
Rev. Allan B. Jones
Pastor Steven Jones
Rev. Lucy Jones
Rick Jones
Rev. Milton Jordan
Rev. Chris Jorgensen
Rev. Mantu Joshi
Rev Lynne Josselyn
Rev. Paul Judd
Rev. Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng
Fred Kandeler
Rev Sarah Karber
Rev. Hannah Kardon
Rev. Dr. K Karpen
Pastor Leanne Keate
Rev. Scott Keele Kober
Rev. Gary Keene
Rev Tiffany Keith
Reverend Adam Kelchner
Bob Keller
Rev. Darlene Kelley
Rev. Matthew Kelley
Rev. Linda Kelly
Mary Kelly
Rev. Dr. Cathie Kelsey
Rev. Brian Kemp-Schlemmer
Rev. Diane Kenaston
Rev. S. Elizabeth Kennedy
Rev. Colin Kerr-Carpenter
Rev. Lisa Kerwin
Rev. Sharon Kichline
Rev. Kim Kie
Rev. Dorothy Killebrew
Rev. Elbert Kim
Rev. GaHyung Kim
Rev. Jennifer Kimball Casto
Rev Alan Kimber
Rev. Dawn King
Rev. Kimberly King
Pastor Jack King
Rev. Waveland King
Rev Alan Kinney
Tom Kiracofe
Rev. Mary Klaehn
Rev. Daniel Klawitter
Rev. Dr. Lizabeth Klein
Pastor Robert Klein
Rev. Chris Kliesen Wehrman
Reverend Katie Klosterman
Rev. Lucille Kness
Dr. Roy Knight
Rev. James Knowles-Tuell
Rev. Maureen Knudsen Langdoc
The Reverend Teresa Koca
Rev. Linda Koelman
Reverend judith kohatsu
Rev. Kathleen Kohl
Rev. Nancy Kollhoff
Rev. Dr. Mary Kraus
Rev. Dr. David Krueger
Rev. Barbara Kszystyniak
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kuan
Rev. Heidi Kugler
Reverend Jeff Kunkel
Amen Carly Kuntz
Reverend Kathleen La Point-Collup
Rev. Sharon Ladd
Rev. David Lagos-Fonseca
Rev. Kevin LaGree
Rev. Rebecca Laird
Rev. Sara Lamar-Sterling
Reverened Mark Lancaster
Rev. Dr. Sarah Lancaster
Rev. Shirley Landis
Rev. Tina Lang
Rev Bryan Langdoc
Pastor Sharon Langfeldt
Rev. Joshua Langille-Hoppe
Rev. Kristin Langstraat
Rev P Stewart Lanier
Rev. Stacey Lanier
Rev. Tom Lank
The Rev Dr Beth LaRocca-Pitts
Rev Bradley Laurvick
Rev. Sheila Lawson
Rev. Brandon Lazarus
Pastor Nory Leachon
Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee
Rev. Stephen Lee
Reverend Donald Lee
Rev. Eun-sang Lee
Rev. Paul Hyerncherl Lee
Pastor Rosa Lee
Rev. Rahel Lee-Yoo
Stephen D. Leffler
James LeGro
Rev Barbara Lemmel
Rev Janet Leonard
Rev. Kathy Leonard Raines
Rev. Charles Lerrigo
Rev. Dr. Kristen Leslie
Rev. Fred Lewis
Pastor Michelle Lewis
Rev. Edwin Lewis
Rev. Barry Lewis
Rev John S Lewis
Rev. Warren Light
Rev. Emily Lin
Rev Eileen Lindsay
Rev. Elizabeth Lines
Rev. Robert Linnstaedt
Rev. Dawn Liphart
Rev. John Lipphardt
Pastor Craig Little
Rev. Dr. Gerald Liu
Rev. David Livingston
Rev. Walter Lockhart IV
Rev. James Lockwood-Stewart
Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart
Rev. Judy Loehr
Reverend Teran Loeppke
Rev. Linda Loessberg-Zahl
Rev. Sandra Londa
Pastor Robert F. Long
Rev. Jennifer Lovallo
Rev. Michael Love
Rev. Hal Low
Rev. Don Lowe
Rev. Justin Elliott Lowe
Rev. Eilidh Lowery
Rev. Jeff Lowery
Rev. Sherrie Lowly
Rev. DeeAnne L. Lowman
Rev. Beth Ludlum
Rev. Dr Wendell Luke, jr
Rev. Dr. David Lull
Rev Carl Lundborg
Pastor Karla Lundin
Rev. Stephen Lundin
Rev. Janet Lutz
Rev. Alka Lyall
Rev. Ted Lyddon Hatten
Rev Elizabeth Macaulay
Rev. Bob MacDonald
Rev Shirley Macemon
Rev. Douglas Mackey
Rev. Dr. Dennis Magnuson
Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder
Pastor Jason Mahnke
Rev Michael Mahoney
Rev. Margaret Mallory
The Rev. Scott E. Manning
Rev. Steven Manskar
Rev. Dr. Carol Mariano
Rev. Claire Marich
Rev. Mark Marino
Rev. Allison Mark
Rev. Laura Markle Downton
Rev. Dr. Keith L. Marsden
Rev Kay Palmer Marsh
Rev. Ruth Marsh
Rev Kristen Marshall
Rev. Dr. R. Ben Marshall
Rev. Jackie Marshall
Rev. Erin Martin
Pastor Thomas (Tom) Martin
Rev Fran Materra
Rev. Claire Matheny
Rev. Michael Mather
Rev. Dr. Shelly Matthews
Rev. Christine Matthews
Rev. Jeffrey Matthews
Rev. Camille Mattick
Pastor Allison Mattocks
Rev. Nathan Mattox
Rev. Dr. Gordon Maxwell
Dr. Janet May
Rev. Amy Mayo-Moyle
Rev. Kendall McCabe
Rev. Dr. Richard McCaughey
Rev. Dr. George McClain
Rev. Diane McClanahan
Rev Sue McClelland
Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan
Karen McClintock
Rev. Myron McCoy
Rev. Bonnie McCubbin
Rev. Paula McCutcheon
Rev. Melissa McDade
Reverend Tana McDonald
Rev Dr Evy McDonald
Rev. Kathryn McElveen
Rev. Eric McGlade
Rev. April McGlothin-Eller
Rev. Vince McGlothin-Eller
Rev. Bonnie McGraw
Rev. Laurie McHugh
Rev Mary McInnes
Rev Ingrid Mcintyre
Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen
Rev Floyd Mckeithen
Rev Debra McKnight
Rev. Sara McManus
Pastor Bobby McMillan
Rev. Maggie McNaught
Rev Shelly McNaughton-Lawrence
Rev Dr. Richard McPherson
Rev. Edward McRae
Rev. Sean McRoberts
Rev Kathleen McShane
Rev. Jacqueline Meadows
Pastor Lynn Mears
Rev. Marilyn Meeker-Williams
Dr. Bill Mefford
Rev. Julia Melgreen
Rev. Reginald Merrill
Rev. John Merris-Coots
Rev. David C Mertz
Rev. Dr. Gary Metcalf
Rev. Dr. Rachel Metheny
Rev. Duane Mevis
Rev. Melissa Meyers
Rev. Jamie Michaels
Rev. Evelyn Middleton
Rev. Lynn Mikels
Rev Nancy Miller
Rev Charles Miller
The Rev. Dr. Rick Miller
Reverend Michael Miller
Dr. Ray Miller
Rev Lori Miller
Rev. Craig Miller
Reverend Amanda Miller Garber
Pastor Anitta Milloro
Rev. Grady Mills
Rev. Carol Millspaugh
Rev. Dick Millspaugh
Rev. Carole Minter
Rev. Dr. Robert Mitchell
Pastor H.D. Mitchell Mitchell
Rev. Katherine Mitchell
Rev. Paul Mitchell
Rev. Bettye Mixon
Rev. John Miyahara
Rev. Akiko Miyake-Stoner
Rev. Marjorie Mollar
The Rev. Douglas Monroe
Rev. Kimberly Montenegro
Rev, Carol Montgomery
Rev Jimmy Moor
Rev. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore
Rev. Kathleen R. Moore
The Rev. Robert A. Moore
Reverend Carroll Moore
Rev. Jeffrey Moore
Rev. Scott Moore
Pastor Kaitlin Moore Morley
Rev. Emma Moore-Kochlacs
Rev. Peter Moore-Kochlacs
Rev. Ernest M. Moore, PhD
Rev Deborah Morgan
Reverend Doctor Steven Morgan
Rev. Holland Morgan
Rev Dorothy Morris
Rev. Susan J. Morrison
Bishop Susan Morrison
Rev. Jennifer Morrow
Rev. Dr. Kathryn Morse
David Morse
Rev.Dr. Donna T. Morton
Pastor William Morton
Rev. David Leeper Moss J David Moss
Rev. Nancy Mossman
Rev. John James Mowry
Rev. Jeremy Moyers
Rev. Janet Mueller
Rev. William Mullette-Bauer
Rev. Susan Mullin
Rev. Jeffrey Mullinix
Rev. Loren Mullins
Rev. Lydia Munoz
Rev. Karen Muntzing
Rev Linda Muterspaugh
William G. Myers
Rev. Carol Myers
Rev. Audrey Myers
Thomas Myers
Rev. Hyemin Na
Rev. Mark Nakagawa
Rev. Dr. James Nates, Jr.
Rev. Cody Natland
Rev. Dr. Helen R. Neinast
Rev. Karen Nelson
Reverend Jeff Nelson
Rev. Pamela Nelson-Munson
Rev. Gary Nettleton
Rev. Dr. Robert Stephen Newnum
Rev. Paul “Nick” Nicholas
Rev. Will Nichols
Rev Michael Nichols
Rev. Laura NIcholson
Rev. J Cody Nielsen
Reverend Julia Nielsen
Rev. Marianne Niesen
Rev. Gary Nims
Rev. Nate Nims
Rev. David Niu
Rev Barbara Nixon
Rev. Kelebohile Nkhereanye
Fran Noll
reverend tilda norberg
Rev. Douglas Norris
Ordained Elder James E. Norton
Rev. Dr. Kelley O’Connor
Rev. Joyce O’Connor-Magee
Rev. Dr. Mary Jane O’Connor-Ropp
Rev. Deborah O’Connor-Slater
Rev. Ross O’Neal
Rev. William Obalil
Rev. Dr. Michelle Oberwise Lacock
Rev. John Oda
Dr. George Odle
Rev. Colleen Ogle
Rev. Sandra Olewine
Rev. Javier Olivares
Rev. Andy Oliver
Rev. Keri Olsen
Rev. Dr. Robin Olson
Rev. Glenna Olumstad
carlos onilla
Pastor Andrew Oren
Pastor David Orendorff
Rev. Johann Osias
Rev. Bryant Oskvig
Rev. Susan Otey
Rev. Gene Ott
The Rev. Dr. David Ourisman
Rev. Timothy Overton – Harris
Rev. Amy Overton-Harris
Rev. Lyn Pace
Rev. Lauren Padgett
Reverend Linda Pagel
Rev. Dr. Brian Parcel
Rev. Kyungsu Park
Rev. Young-Mee Park
Dr. Charles Parker
Rev. Dr. Ronald Parker
Rev. Dr. James C. Parkhurst
Hue Parnell
Rev. Bonnie Parr Philipson
Rev Bob Parsons
Pastor Jennifer Partch
Rev. Allison Parvin
April Patek
Rev. Larry Patten
Rev. Dr. Susan Patterson-Sumwalt
Rev. G. William Pattison
Rev. Michael Patzloff
Rev Lisl Paul
Rev. Dr. Tara Paul
Rev Richard Paulus
Rev. Joseph M. Payne
Rev. Kate Payton
Rev. Rich Peacock
Rev. Larry Peacock
Rev. Virginia Pearson
Rev. Mike Pearson
Rev. Ann Pearson
Rev. Lynn Pease
Rev. J. Richard Peck
Rev. Dr. Emily Peck-McClain
Pastor Ted Pecot
Rev. Joan Pell
Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend
Rev. Lucas Pepper
Rev. Dr. Joseph A Perez
Pastor Harold (Hal) Perry
Rev Peter Perry
Rev. Doug Peters
Rev. Karen Peters
Rev. Jasper Peters
Rev. Jeremy Peters
Rev, Joanne Peterson
Rev. Carolyn Peterson
Reverend Dorothy Petrie
Rev Carolyn Peyerson
Robert i. Phelps
Rev. Jenny Phillips
Rev. Becky Piatt
Rev. Dr. Linda Pickens-Jones
Rev Dawn Pidlypchak
Rev. William R. Pierce
Rev. Sydney Pierce
Rev. Dr. Lyda Pierce
Rev Monique-Cheri Pierre
Rev. Dr. Christopher Pierson
Rev. Dr. Carolyn Pilgrim
Rev Arnette Pint
Rev. Melissa Pisco
The Rev Dr L Paul Pitkin
Reverend Debbie Pitney
Reverend John Pitney
Rev Sylvia Pleas
Rev. Dr. Adam Ployd
The Rev. Dr. Steven Plymale
Rev Sally Poland
Rev. Theodore Poland
Rev. Kim Polchow
Rev. Philip Polhemus
Rev. Deborah Pollex
Reverend Stephen Polster
Rev. Deborah Porras
Rev. Melody Porter
Rev Steve Poteete-Marshall
Rev Julia E.F. Poulsen
Rev. Norma Powell
Rev. Victoria Powers
Bud Precise
Rev. Frances Preston
Rev. James Preston
Rev. Dr. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor
Rev. Lynn Pries
Rev. John Pritchard
Rev Donna Pritchard
Rev. Jeff Procter-Murphy
Leighann Prothro
Rev. Judith Pruess-Mellow
Rev. Dr. David Purdy
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Quick
Rev. Lynn Rabenstein
Rev. Beth Rambikur
Rev. Cerna Rand
Rev. A. Erik Rasmussen
Rev. Ellen Rasmussen
Rev. Mary Rawlinson
Rev. Thomas Rawlinson
Pastor Margaret (Peggy) Ray
Rev. Sandy Rector
The Rev. Dr. Darrell Reeck
Rev. H. Jason Reed
Rev. Elizabeth Reed
Rev. Amanda Gayle Reed
Rev. Kirk Reed
Dr. Will Reed
Rev Judith Reedy
Rev. Tina Marie Rees
Rev Nicole Reilley
Rev. Holly Reinhart-Marean
Rev.. Thomas Reinhart-Marean
Rev Juli Reinholz
Rev. Mark Reisinger
Rev. Krysta Rexrode Wolfe
Rev. Kirkland Reynolds
Rev. Schuyler Rhodes
Rev. Bob Rhodes
Rev. Dr. Lynn Rhodes
Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-Wickett
Pastor Stephanie Rice
Rev. Richard Rice
Rev. Sandie Richards
Rev. Gary Richards
Rev. Dr. Mark Richardson
Rev. John Richardson
Rev. Dr. Al Rieke
Rev. Roy R. Riggs
Pastor Heather Riggs
Rev. Jim Riggs
Rev. Dr. Kim Risedorph
Rev Scott Ritchey
Rev. Greg Rittenhouse
Reverend Hector Rivera
Rev. Curtis Rivers
Rev. Michele Robbins
Rev. Bruce Robbins
Rev Paige Roberts
Rev. Cindy Roberts
Rev. Earl Roberts
Rev. Anne Robertson
Rev. Doug Robinson-Johnson
Rev. Linda Robison
Rev. Lana Robyne
Rev. Robin Roderick
Rev Maggie Roe
Reverend Alice Rogers
Rev. Barbara Bartz Rogerson
Rev. Kenneth Roh
Rev. Dr. Sarah J. Rohret
Pastor Amanda Rohrs-Dodge
Rev. Ermalou M Roller
Rev. Jo Dene Romeijn-Stout
Rev Sarah Roncolato
Rev. Jessica Rooks
Pastor Brian Roots
Rev. David Rose
Rev. Dr. Valerie Rosenquist
Rev. Stephan Ross
Rev. Laura Rossbert
Rev Leah Rosso
Rev. Bonny Roth
Rev. Robert Roth
Rev. Ellen ROWAN
Pastor Edwin Rowe
Reverend Donald Rudalevige
Rev. Dale Alan Rumble
Rev. Dr. (Ret) William J. Russell
Dr. Martha Rutland
Rev. R. Eugene Rutland Jr.
Rev. Melissa Rynders
Rev. Robert Rynders
Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf
Rev. Norma Salinas
Rev. Virginia Samuel
Rev. Dr. Jill Sanders
Rev. J. Manny Santiago
Rev. Teresa Santillana
Rev. Kelvin Sauls
The Reverend Medea Saunders
Rev. Rodney Noel Saunders
Rev. dot saunders-perez
Rev. Dr. Carolyn Scanlan-Holmes
Rev. Sherry Scates
Rev. Mark Schaefer
Rev Jean Schafer
Rev. Walter Schenck
Rev Rick Schilling
Rev. Jane Schlager
Rev. P. David Schlager
The Rev Dr Rick Schlosser
Rev Dr Rick Schlosser
Rev. Deborah Schmidt
Rev. Dan Schneider-Bryan
Rev. Albert Schniepp
Pastor Len Schoenherr
Rev Gary Schrag
Rev. Keith Schroerlucke
Rev. Judy Schultz
Rev.Dr. Betsy (Elizabeth) Schwarzentraub
Rev. Glenn Schwerdtfeger
Rev. Mary Scifres
Rev. Bonnie Scott
Rev. Deborah Scott
Rev. Tammy B. Scott
Rev Jeremy Scott
Pastor Travis Scott
Rev. Jim Seaton
Rev. Becky Sechrist
Rev R. Kevin Seckel
Rev. Lyle Seger
Rev. Louise Seipel
Reverend William Selby
Rev. Brenda Sene
Rev. Pam Serdar
Rev. Blair Setnor
Rev. Jennifer Seylar
Reverend Doctor Jack Seymour
Pastor Daniel Shanks
Reverend Scott Sharp
Rev. Dr. Leigh Shaw
Rev. Gary Shaw
Rev. Stuart R. Shaw
Rev. Elaine Shelby
Pastor (Rev.) Drue Sherman
Rev. Dr. William Shillady
Rev. Dr. Patricia Shipley
Rev. Deborah Shipp
Rev. James Shirbroun
Rev. Judy Shook
Pastor Jon Short
Rev. Dr. Joseph Shreve
Deacon Troy Sims
Rev. Heather Sinclair
Rev Julia Singleton
Rev. Teressa Sivers
Pastor Dawn Skerritt
Rev Nancy Slabaugh Hart
Pastor David Slorpe
Rev Lin Smallwood
Reverend Susan Grace Smith
The Rev. Dr. Eric Smith
Rev. Matt Smith
Rev. Brenda Smith
Rev. Amy Smith
Rev. Diana Smith
Rev. Kerry Smith
Rev. Earl Smith
Rev. Steven Smith
Rev. Bruce Smith
Rev. Kelly Smith
Rev. Janet Smith-Rushton
Rev John Smoke
Rev Thomas Smoot
Rev. Jonathan Snape
Rev. Sharon Snapp-Kolas
Rev. Dean Snyder
Rev. Trista Soendker Nicholson
The Rev. Lydia Sohn
Rev. Donna Claycomb Sokol
Rev. Karl Sokol
Rev. Tweedy Evelene Sombrero Navarrete
Rev. Larry Sonner
Bishop (ret) Leo Soriano
Rev. Naomi Southard
Rev. Susanna Southard
Reverend Annette Sowell
Rev. John Spahr Sr
Rev Chris Spearman
Rev Scott Spencer
Rev. Ann Spindt Henschel
Rev. Patricia Spooner-Walther
Rev. Susan Sprague
Rev Steven Sprecher
Reverend James Sprenger
Gary Stackpole
Wesley Stanton
Rev. Amy Stapleton
Rev. Tedd Steele
Rev. Valerie Steele
Rev. Dr. Linda Lee Stein
Rev. Dr. Amanda Stein
Rev Ann Steiner Lantz
Rev Dr. Carla Stengel
Shellie Sterner
Deborah Stevens
Rev. William Steward
The Rev. B.J. Stiles
Pastor Becky Stockdale
Rev. Karen Stoffers-Pugh
Rev. Bruce E. Stollings
Reverend Judith Stone
Rev Sadie Stone
Rev. Hugh Stone
Rev. Dr. John Stoneking
The Rev. Gilbert Stones
Rev Samuel Stover
Rev. Megan Stowe
Rev. Dr. Louise Stowe-Johns
Rev. Eric Strader
Rev. Ian Straker
The Rev. Dr. Charles Straut
Henry Stringer, Ph.D.
Rev Brett Strobel
Pastor Alan Strout
Rev. Jessica Strysko
Pastor Jen Stuart
Rev. Jack Stubbs
Rev. Dan Sturdivant
Rev. Douglas Suggs
Rev. Norman Suggs
Rev. Shannon Sullivan
Rev Kelly Sullivan
Rev. Thomas Summers
Rev. James Summers
Rev. Scott Summerville
Rev. Carol Sundberg
Rev. Carissa Surber
Rev. Dr. R. Stanley Sutton
Rev. Dawn Swartz
Robert K. Sweet, Jr.
Rev. Rory Swenson
Rev Marti Swords-Horrell
Pastor Kathy Symes
Rev. Allyson Talbert
Rev. Kathryn Talley
Rev. Katherine Tang
Rev. Anthony Tang
Rev. Lizette Pearl Tapia-Raquel
Pastor Rick Tate
Rev. Dr. John B. Tate, Jr
Rev. David Tatgenhorst
Rev. Dr. Hal Taussig
Rev. Thomas S, Taylor
Rev. Tuck Taylor
Rev. Jeff Taylor
Reverend Bill Taylor
Rev Mary Betj Taylor
Reverend Dr. Jeremy Taylor
Rev. Lisa Telomen
Rev. Bryan Tener
Pastor Amy Terhune
Rev Jack Terrell-Wilkes
Rev Theresa S. Thames
Rev. William Thiele
Rev. Carl Thomas
The Rev. Ms. Glenda Thomas
Rev. Ann Thomas
Rev. Judy Thomas
John Ross Thompson
Rev. Terry Thompson
Rev. Patricia J Thompson
Rev Jeremiah Thompson
Reverend Mark Thompson
Rev. Janet Thornton-Irvine
Rev. George Tigh
Rev. Harold Tillinghast
David Tinney
Rev. William Todd
Bishop (ret) Solito Toquero
Rev Anne Torrance-Bachmann
Gary Treglown
Rev. Dr. William Trench
Rev. Sheena Trotter-Dennis
Rev. Barbara Troxell
Rev. John Tucker
Rev Linda Tucker
Rev. Lianne Turner
Rev. Terry Turner
Rev. David Turner
Rev Kelly Turney
Rev. Ernie turney
Rev. Corey Turnpenny
Rev. Dr. Tony Ubalde
Rev. Dr. Mark Ulrickson
Rev. Brenda Vaca
Rev. Stephanie Vader
Rev Stephanie Vader
Rev. David Vallelunga
Rev. Dr. Kenton Van
Rev. Carol Van Buskirk
Rev Sharon Vandegrift
Rev. Dr. Gretchen C. Vandenberg, Ed.D.
Rev. Dr. Michael Vandiver
Pastor Ximena A. Varas
Rev. Rebecca Vardiman
Rev. Clyde Vaughn
Rev Dr Rob Vaughn
Rev. Dr. Douglas Vernon
Rev. James Vertrees
Rev. Molly Vetter
Rev. Jay Vetter
Rev. (Chaplain) Dawn A. Victor
Rev. Gilbert Vieira
Rev. Javier Viera
Lily Villamin
Rev. Carole Vincent
Rev. Harold Vink
Rev. Dr. Ted Virts
Rev. Janice Virtue
Rev. Dr. Dwight Vogel
Rev. Dr. Linda Vogel
Rev. Jane Voigts
Christine Voreis Hides
Rec Christina Vosteen
Rev. Patricia A. Wagner
Rev. Michael Waide
Rev. Alisa LAsater Wailoo
Rev. Amy Wake
Rev. Robert Walker
Rev. Vicki Walker
Rev. Kelli Walker-Jones
Rev. Dr. Charles Wallace
Rev. John Wallace
Rev Dr Donald H Wallick Jr
Dr. John Wallis
Rev. Leslie Walseman
The Reverend Audrey Ward
Rev. Rachael Warner
Rev. Norman Wasson
Rev. Janine M. Watkins
Rev. James Watson
Rev. Merry Watters
The Rev. James Waugh
Rev. Dr. Maurine Waun
pastor Nancy J Webb
Rev. Jenny Weber
Rev Cathy Weigand
Rev. Michael Weigand
Rev. Steve Weinberger
Rev. Wendy Weller
Rev. Shirley Wells
Pastor Jeff Wells
Rev. Cheryl Wertheimer
Rev. Dr. Traci West
Rev Diana Westerkam
Reverend Denise Westfall Neuschwander
Rev. Brian Wharton
Pastor Marta Wheeler
Rev. Dr. Orlie White
Ken White
Rev. Dr. Justin White
Rev. Ross Whiteaker
Reverend Glenda Whitehead
Rev Denise Whitesel Mallek
Rev Faith Whitmore
Pastor Stephen Wiard
Rev. Cooper Wiggen
Rev. Kathleen Wilder
Rev David Wiley
Rev Jeri Wilkerson
Reverend Meg Wilkes
Rev. Dr. Rex Wilkes
Rev. Dr David Wilkinson
Rev. Linda Willey
Rev. Dorothy Williams
Rev. Eve Williams
Alecia Williams
Wesley Williams
Rev. Jay Williams
Rev. B.David Williams
Rev. Heather Williams
Pastor Eston Williams
Certified Deacon Candidate Jenny Willison
Comnie Wilson
Rev. Dr. Connie Wilson
The Reverend Don Wilson
The Reverend Ms. Laura Cean Wilson
Rev. E.Philip Wilson
Pastor Robert Wilson
Rev. Julie Wilson
Rev. Dan Wilson-Fey
Rev R.G. Wilson-Lyons
Pastor Jim Wiltbank
Rev. Andrea Winchester
Rev. Elizabeth Wineland
Rev. Chris Winkler
Rev. Matthew Wissell
Rev L Withrow
Rev. Wendy Ann Witt
Rev. Paulette Wittenbrink
Rev Janet Wolf
Rev. Cynthia Wood
Rev. Scott Wood
Rev. Dr. Victoria Wood Parrish
Rev. Dr. Paul Wood, Jr.
The Rev John Woodall
Rev. Susan Worrell
Rev. Brent Wright
Rev. David Wright
Rev. Dr. Christina Wright
Rev. John Wright
Rev. Dr. James Wyrtzen
Rev. Ellen Strawbridge Yarborough
Rev. John F Yeaman
Pastor Maggie Yenoki
Rec. Michael Yoshii
Rev. R. Mark Young
Rev. Dr Jamrd Young
Rev. Kevin Young
Rev. Kathy Young
Rev. Phil Young
Rev. Patricia Youngquist
Rev. Ellen Younker
Rev Mary Zajac
Rev. Max Zehner
Rev. Dr. Mark Zier
Rev Lora Zink
Rev. Christina Zito
Rev. Charlene Zuill
Rev. Dr. Jill Zundel
Rev. Joanne Arbogast
Rev. Richard Dake
Rev. Wesley White
Rev Kathy Brown
Rev Valarie Englert
Rev. Deborah Ingraham
Rev. Julio Vargas
Rev. Kelly Greenawald
Jim Bankston

The following names were added after the initial release of this letter during the weeks of General Conference as a contribution to the witness for LGBTQ justice and an on-going commitment to supporting queer and trans clergy.

Rev. Bill (John W.) Matthews
Rev. Bob (Song Bok) Jon
Rev. Vicky A. Fleming
Rev. Mary A. Kelly
Rev. Robert A. McCullough, Jr.
Pastor Patricia Abell
Rev. Penny Adams
Rev. Ann Adkinson
Rev. Dr. Alan Hagstrom
Rev. Jeanine Alexander
Rev. Dr. Alice Knotts
Rev. Dr. Allen Buck
Rev. Dr. Amy Rio
Rev. Jay Anderson
Rev. Nancy Anderson
Pastor Nicole Anderson
Donna Anderson
Rev. Rosemary Anderson
Rev. Mark Anderson
Rev.erend Scott Andrews
The Rev. Andy Bartel
Rev. Judith Anna
Rev. Karen Appleby
Rev. Jonathan Arnpriester
Rev. Lucinda Arntson
Rev. Warren Ashmore
Rev. Dan Ashton
Rev. Charles Astin
Rev. Amy Atkins
Rev. Kristabeth Atwood
Rev. Abby Auman
Chaplain Tim Auman
Pastor Martin Avery
Rev. Edward Bachman
Rev. Melissa Bailey-Kirk
Rev. Melissa Bailey-Kirk
Tev Michelle Baker
Rev. Amanda Baker
Rev. Annie Baker-Streevy
John Baker-Streevy
Rev. Kathy Bannister
Rev. Jen Barnet
Rev. Kay Barre
Rev. Dr. Barrett Smith
Rev. Michael Barry
Rev. Dr. Barry Penn Hollar
Rev. Ann Barton
Rev.erend Stephen Bascom Sr
Rev. Michael Baughman
Pastor Christine Baxter
Rev. Charlene Beethoven
Rev. Anna Bell
Rev. Norm Bennett
Pastor Don Benton
Deacon Liv berit Carlsen
Rev. Jennifer Berry
Pastor Kenneth Berve
Mr. Richard “Dick” Best
Rev. Amy Beth Coleman
Rev. Amy Beth Durward
Rev. Mary Beth Morgan
Rev. Lisa Beth White
Rev. Dr. Betty Bradford
Rev. Dr. Bill Noll
Rev. Robert Blackburn
Rev. Sherri Blackwell
Rev. Ann Blair
Rev. Dr. Robert W Blaney
Rev. Dr. Bob Campbell
Rev. Howard Boles
Rev. Irvin Boudreaux
Rev. Eduardo Bousson
Rev. Richard Bowman
Rev. Barbara Bowser
Yvonne Williams Boyd
Rev. Kathleen Boyes
Julia Boyle
Rev. Dr. Bradford Motta
Rev. Debra Brady
Rev. Debra Brazzel
Rev. Elizabeth Brick
Pastor Adam Briddell
Rev. Meredith Brown
Rev. Jay Brown
Rev. Kendal Brown
Rev. C. Bruce Naylor
Rev. Susan Bryan
Catherine Bryant
Rev. Herb Brynildsen
Rev. Joel Bullock
Rev. Jacqueline Burgess
Rev. Paul Burks
Rev. Howard Burrell
Rev. Linda Burson
Annie Burton
Rev. Patricia Bush
Rev. Thomas Byrd
Rev. John Campbell
Rev. Linda Campbell-Marshall
Rev. Ryan Canaday
Rev. Julie Carmean
Rev. Carolyn Carnes
Rev. Thomas Carney
Rev. Dr. Carol An Seckel
The Rev.erend Carolene Brubaker
George Carter
Rev.erend Jerry Carter
Rev. Daniel Casselberry
Pastor Michael Cassidy
Rev. Dr. Catherine Davis
Pastor / Chaplain Robin Wells
Rev. Dr. Char Hoffmann
Rev. Kathy Charlefour
Rev. Christopher Charles
Rev. Dr. Charles Lippy
Rev. Dr. Charles T. McNeil
Rev. Sarah Chase White
Rev. Lon Chesnutt
Rev. Clayton Childers
Rev. Dave Childress
Rev. Jeff Childs
Pastor Rebecca Cho
Dr. Michael Christensen
Rev. Diane Christianson
Rev. Dianne Christopher
Rev. Douglas Clark
Rev. Karen Clark Ristine
Rev. Anne Clement
Rev. Margaret Clemons
Rev. Janne Clinton
Rev. April Coates
Rev. Terri Cofiell
Carolyn Cole
Rev. Benjamin Collins
Rev. Casey Collins
Rev. Eleanor Collinsworth
Rev. David Conrad
Dr. Elizabeth Coody
Rev. Darlene Cools
Rev. Lois Cooper
Rev. Wiley Cooper
Rev. Jay Cooper
Rev. Cathleen Coots
Rev. Carter Cortelyou
Rev. Carla Costantino
Rev. Peter Cottrell
Rev. Shelly Coulter Daigle
Rev. George Covintree
Rev. Brenda Crawford Walton
Rev. Paula Cripps-Vallejo
Rev. Laura Crites
Rev. Manuel Cruz
Rev. Pamela Cummings
Pastor Jennifer Curran
Pastor Margaret Currier
Rev. Stan Curtis
Rev. George Cushman
Rev. Dr Dale Beck
Retired Pastor Dale Hanaman
Rev. Dr. Dale Tremper
Rev.erend Julia Daley
Rev. Dr. Daniel Garrett
Rev. Joel Daniel Hubbard, III
Rev. Dr. Daniel Strizek
Olav Danielson
Rev. John Darlington
Rev. Dr. Darryl Stephens
Rev. Dr. David Beckett
Rev. Dr. David J. Lux
Rev. Dr. David Lehmkuhl
Rev. Dr. David MacDonald
Rev. Dr. David McAllister-Wilson
Rev. Dr. David Schnasa Jacobsen
Rev. Dr. David Swinton
Rev.d. Dr. David Trickett
Rev. Bruce Davis
Rev. Suzanne Davis
Rev. Dr. Dawn Jeffers Ramstad
Rev. Elizabeth Day
Rev. Debra De Vos
Rev. Robert Dean
The Rev. Debra Conklin
Rev. Harvey Delery
Rev. Leah DeLong
Rev. Mark Demers
Rev. Dr. Denise McGuiness
Rev. Jad Denmark
Rev. Dr. Dennis Winkleblack
Rev. Dr. Michael Dent
Rev. Briony Desotell
Rev. Mike Desotell
Pastor Lydia Dever
Rev. Beverly Devine
Rev. Sean Devolites
Rev. Dr. Diane Lobody
Rev. Kathryn Dickinson
Rev. Kathy Dickriede
Rev. Nizzi Digan
Rev. Sandi Dillon
Rev.erend Afi Dobbins
Rev.erend Johan Dodge
Rev. Eunbae Doh
Rev. Samuel Domingo
Rec. Christopher Donald
The Rev. Donald Rudalevige
Rev. Dr. Donald Strobe
Rev. Jim Donnan
Chaplain Eric Doolittle
The Rev. Dorothea Crites
Rev. Mary Dotson
The Rev. Dr. Richard Swan
Rev. Sherry Driscoll
Rev. Danna Drum
Rev. Suzanne Duchesne
Rev. Kristen Dunn
Rev. Millsaps Dye
Pastor Noni Dye
Rev. Christi Dye
Rev. David E.
Rev. Rebecca E. Baumann
Rev. Dr. E. Byron Anderson
Rev. Heather E. Klason
Rev. Archie Echols
Rev. Laura Echols-Richter
Rev. Florence Eddins
Pastor Woody Eddins
Rev. James Ek
The Rev. Elaine Puckett
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Box Price
Rev. S. Ellen Hopkins
Pastor Susan Ellery
Rev. Karin Ellis
Rev. David Elmore
Rev. Robert Emerick
Rev. Barbara Emery
The Rev. Emily Freeman Penfield
Rev. Sara Emmerich
Rev. Seamus Enright
Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo-Frank
Rev. Carl Evans
Rev. Todd Everhart
Rev. James F McIntire
Rev. Sue Farley
Rev. Charles Farnum
Rev. Mark Feldmeir
The Rev. Dr. Laura Felleman
Rev. Brian Fellows
Rev. Jody Felton
Rev. Nancy Ferree-Clark
Rev. Jeanne Finley
Pastor Lisa Fitzpatrick
Rev. Dr. M. Craig Fitzsimmons
Rev. Heather Flaherty
Rev. Angela Flanagan
Rev. Don Flanner
Rev. Emily Flemming
Pastor Lindsay Flick
Rev. William Flug
Rev. Gretchen Fogo
Pastor Chuck Forbes
Rev. Alice Ford
Rebekah Forni
Rev. Dr. Forrest Clark
Rev. Kelly Fowler
Rev. Matthew Franks
Pastor Rachel Fraumann
Rev. Barry Freese
Rev. Virginia Fryer
Rev. Katie Fuchs
Rev. Clarissa Fuentes
Pastor Preston Fuller
Rev. Lee Fullerton
Rev. Richard Fuss
Rev. Dr. G. Thomas Poe
Rev. C. G. Walden
Rev. Dr. Gary Armstrong
Rev. Beverly Gaska
Rev. Marilyn Gebert
Dr. Sam George
Most Rev. George Lucey, FCM
Rev. Dr Gerald Rounds
Rev. Dr. Gerald Toshalis
Rev. Sandy Gess
Clayton Gibson
Rev. Karl Giese
Rev. David Gladstone
Rev. Jessica Goad
Rev. Richelle Goff
Rev. Craig Gommer
Rev. Shinya Goto
Rev. Stephanie Gottschalk
Richard Gould
Rev. William Graham
Rev. Pamela Graham
Pastor Joseph Grasser
Rev. Ashley Green-Young
Rev. Bret Gresham
Rev. Susan Griffin
Rev. Kendra Grimes
Rev. Nancy Griswold
Rev. Meredith Gudger-Raines
Rev. Joel Guillemette
Rev. Keith Hackett
Rev. Victoria Hadaway
Rev. Emily Hagan
Rev. Robin Hager
Rev. Luke Ham
Rev. Winter Hamilton
Rev. Bruce Handy
Rev. Bob Hannum
Rev. Jennifer Hansen
Reb Sara Hardaway
Rev. Michelle Hargrave
Rev. Paul Harkness
Rev. Michael Harrell
The Rev. Harriet B. Linville
Rev. Barbara Hart
Rev.erend Charles Hartman
Rev. Leslie Hastings
Rev. Ginny Hathaway
Rev. Bill Hathaway
Rev. Brian Hazard
Rev. Mel Hazlewood
Rev. Donald Hegeman
Rev. John Helmiere
Rev. Charlotte Hendee
Rev. Scott Henley
Pastor Greg Henneman
Minister John D Henry
Rev. Felecia Hensley
Rev. Barbara Herber
Rev. Jerry Herships
Rev. Peter Hey
Rev. Becky High
Rev. Jerry Hill
Rev. Peggy Hillmon
Rev. Chelsey Hillyer
Rev. Jeannie Himes
Rev. Dr. Charles Hindman
Rev. Donna Hinkle
Rev. Jacqueline Holdsworth
Rev. Dr. Hope Luckie
Rev. Felicia Hopkins
Rev. Jim Hopwood
Rev. Barbara Horikoshi-Firebaugh
Margaret Schramm Horn
Rev. Cynthia Horn Burkert
Rev. Emily Hotho
Bonnie How
Rev. Sally Howell Johnson
Rev. Terri Hubbard
Rev. Jeffrey Hunt
Pastor David Hurd
Rev. Cynthia Huskey
Christina Hyde
Rev. Barbara Hynes
Rev. Keith Inouye
Rev. Tina Itson
Rev. Daniel Ivey
Rev. Elizabeth J. Bachelder Smith
Chaplain Edward J. Holland
Peter Jabin
Rev. Richard Jackson
Rev. David Jackson
Rev. Dr. Jackson Day
Rev. Andy James
Rev. Dt James Farrer
Rev. Dr. Janie Noble
The Rev. Jason Bryant, OSL
Re. Dr. Jo Ann Schaadt
Rev. W. Joel Warner, Jr
Rev. Dr. John Alan Boryk
Rev. Dr. John Elford
Rev. Kay Johnson
Pastor Jan Johnson
Robert Johnson
Rev. Kathleen Jones
Rev. Amy Jones
Pastor Kelsey Jones Orosan
Pastor John Jordan
Rev. Dr. Joseph Ranager
Rev. Dwight Judy
Pastor Youngmi Jung
Rev. Marilyn Kallshian
Rev. Fred Kane
Rev. Jin-Hee Kang Jin-Hee Kang
Rev. Kathleen Kaplan
Rev. Dr. Karen Dorris
Rev. Dr. Karen Love Baisinger
Rev. Dr. Karin Orr
Rev. Mary Kay Will
Rev. Spencer Keech
Rev. Dr Keith Hackett
Rev. Dr. Keith Ray II
Rev. David kell
Rev. Michael Kelley
Rev. Susan Kemper
Rev. Dr. Kent Moorehead
Rev. R Kevin Seckel
Pastor Earl Kim
Rev. Dr. Kim Griffith
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Shinabery
Rev. Calvin Kimbrough
Rev. Nelia Kimbrough
Marilyn Kinelski
Rev. Robert Kirby
Rev. Adam Kirby
Rev. George Klohck
Rev. David Ko
Rev. Tim Kobler
Rev. Noel Koestline
Pastor Sara Kolenda
Rev. Derek Koolman
Rev. Erica Koser
Rev. Ray Kovach
Rev. Stanley Krall
Rev. Lorelei Krall Toombs
Rev. Cynthia Kristopeit
Rev. Donald Kuntz
Ginny Kurtz
Rev. Janelle Kurtz
Rev. Judah L. Jones
Rev.erend Elizabeth LaBella-Foster
Pastor Gregory LaDue
Rev. Glen Langston
Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk
Rev. Ann Lantz
Rev. Ann Laprade
Rev. Dr. Larry Buxton
Rev. Dr. Latry Warren
Rev. Dr. LauraLee Morgan
James LeGro
Rev. Kiersten Leigh
Rev. Shannon LeMaster-Smith
Rev. Dr. Leslie Ann Knight
Rev. Robert Lewis
Rev. Deborah Lewis
Pastor Charles Leypoldt
Rev. Stan Ling
Rev. Jane Lippert
Rev. Peg Lofsvold
Rev. Scott Lohse
Rev. Dr. Lois McAfee
Rev. Jennifer Long
Rev. Nick Longworth
Rev. Scott Lothe
Rev. Sharon Lovejoy
Rev. Carolyn Lukasick
Rev. Frank Lyman
Rev. Carole Lyman
Rev. Dawn Lynn Check
Rev. Kelly M. Sisson
Rev. Mary MacDonald
Rev. Julie Macpherson
Rev. Erin Maddox McPhee
Rev. Suzanne Mades
Rev. Louise Mahan
Rev. Asa Majors
Rev. Dorthy Mann
Rev. Peter Mantell
Rev. Kenneth Mantler
Rev. (Retired) Margaret Decker
Deacon Candidate Maria Pia Seirup
Rev. Dr. Mark Fowler
Rev. Jean Marsh
Rev. Monte Marshall
Rev. Junr Marshall Smith
Rev. Dr. Marti Scott
Rev. Melanie Martin
Rev. Joy Martin
Glenn Martin
Rev. Sam Marullo
Rev. Dr Mary Jo Sims
Rev. Dr. Mary Kay Totty
Pastor Scott Masters
Pastor Jack Mattingly
Rev. Janet Maxwell
Rev. Rachel May
Rev. Robyne Mayer
Rev. Brook McBride
Rev. Darryl McCallum
Rev. Kerry McCormick
Rev. Richard McCullough
Rev. Tiffany McDonald
Rev. Marti McDougal
Rev. Rebecca McFee
Rev. Catiana McKay
Rev. Sandra McNary
Rev. Charles McNary
Rev. Kathryn McNeely
Rev. Claire McNulty-Drewes
Rev. Patrick McPherson
Pastor Mark McTrustry
Rev. Elizabeth McVicker
Rev. Cheryl Meachen
Rev. Jo Mead
Rev. Maryann Meador
Pastor James Merriam
Rev.erend J. Michael Mansfield
Rev. Dr. Michael Williams
Rev. Dr. Michele Ransier Shields
Rev. Dr Michelle Bogue-Trost
Rev., Scott Middleton
Rev. Sharon Miesel
Rev. Greg Milinovich
Rev. Roderick Miller
Pastor Linda Miller
Rev. Joe Miller
Rev. Nobuko Miyake-Stoner
Rev. Robert Miyake-Stoner
Rev. Mark Monson Alley
Rev. Jon Moore
Pastor John Moore
Rev. Rachel Morey
John John Morgans
Rev. Mochel Morris
Dr. Paul Morris
Rev. Laurie Morrison
Rev. Richard Mosley, Jr.
Rev. Bonda Moyer
Rev. John Mueller
Pastor Janet Mulroy
Rev. Michael Mumme
Rev. Enger Muteteke
Rev. Enger Muteteke (Deacon)
Rev. Judy Myers
Rev. David Myers
Rev. Dr. Nancy Victorin-Vangerud
Rev. Steve Napier
Rev. James Nathan
Rev. Jessica Naulty
Pastor Brian Nelson
Rev. Connie Nelson
Rev. Doc Newcomb
Rev. Cathy Newport
Rev. Beth Newton Watson
Rev. Marcy Nicholas
Rev. Nancy Nichols
Pastor Tim Nicinski
Rev. Harry Nicol
Rev. Wendee Nitz
Rev. Dr Noah R. Panlilio
Rev. Leanne Noland
Rev. Dr Norma Lee Kerns Barnhart
Rev. Larry Norman
Rev. Margaret North
Rev. Sally Oakes
Rev. Jennifer Olin-Hitt
Rev. Sonja Oliver
Rev. Pete Overcash
Rev. LaRue Owen
Rev. James P Marsh, Jr. Jim Marsh, Jr.
Rev. Laura Patterson
Rev. E Paul Unger
Rev. James Payne
Rev. Richard Pearson
Rev. Dr. Peggy L.T. Garrison
Rev.erend Steven Peiffer
Rev. Paul Perez
Rev. Alison Philip
Rev. James Philpott
Rev. Rick Pittenger
Rev. Rhoda Pittman Markus
Rev. Jill Plant
Mrs. Lessie Polk
Rev. Paul Powell
Rev. Michael Powell
Rev. Tim Powers
Pastor Benjamin Pratt
Rev. Stephanie Price
Rev. Kenneth Prill
Rev. Donna Pritchard
Rev. Jeffrey Prothro
Rev.erend Dulce Proud
DR. Richard Puckett
Dr. Jeffrey Pugh
Support LGBT Q Anna Joy Brown
Rev. Meg Queior
Rev. Dr. R. Brandon Harris
Rev. Ruth R. Oduor
Rev. Paula Rae McCutcheon
Rev. Bobbie Rambach
Laura Rambikur
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Abts Wright
Rev. David Rennick
Rev. Dr Rex Piercy
Rev. Jan Rhind
Rev. Stephen Rhodes
Rev. Dr. Richard Fisher
Rev. Dr. Richard Gentzler
Rev. Matt Richards
Rev. Philip Richards
Rev. Max Richter
Dr Jan Rivero
Rev. Barbara Robberson
Rev. W. Robert Borom
Rev. Dr. Robert Brizee
Rev. Stella Roberts
Rev. Marilyn Roberts
Rev. Dr Robin Blair
Rev. Trudy Robinson
Rev. Vivian Rodeffer
Rev. Dr Roger Parks
Rev. Philip Rogers
Rev. Jean Rollin
Rev. Nico Romeijn-Stout
Rev. Dr. Ronald Messer
Rev. Melanie Rosa
Pastor Craig Rose
Rev. Brent Ross
Rev. Susan Ross
Bruce Ross
Rev. Brian Rossbert
Rev. Kristie Rosset
Rev. Stephanie Roth
Rev. Eric Rothe
Rev. Angela Rotherham
Rev. Jan McClary Rowell
Pastor J.Stephen Rudisill
Rev. Roselin Runnels
Rev. (Ida) Ruth Gray
Rev. Ann S. Blair
Rev. Jane S. Lawrence
Rev. Franklin Sablan
Rev. Dr. Sally Haynes
Rev. Tom Salter
Rev. Gel Samson
Rev. Judy Sands
Rev. Dr Sarah Calvert
Rev. Doug Sasser
Rev. Rick Saylor
Pastor Matt Schaeffer
Rev. Barbara Schaffer
Rev. Marta Schellberg
Rev. Robert Schoenhals
Rev. Dale Schoening
Rev. Lee Schott
Rev. Barbara Schreier
Jenny Schroeder
Rev. Lisa Schubert Nowling
Rev. Dan Schwerin
Rev. Andrew Scott
Rev. Bert Scott
Rev. Allie Scott
Dr. Latricia Scriven
Rev. Gregg Sealey
Rev. Matt Seargeant
Rev. Bill Selby
Rev. Deanna Self-Price
Rev. Paul Self-Price
Rev. Hyuk Seonwoo
Rev. Cindy Serio
Rev. Lynne Severance
Rev. Margaret Shannon
Rev. Dr. Sharon Cram Tuck
Rev. Barry Sharp
Rev. Bill Sharpe
Pastor Jordan Shaw
Mary Shay
Rev. Josh Sherfey
Rev. Jimmy Sherrod
Rev. Jim Shook
Sherri Shumate
Rev. Bryan Siefert
Rev. Cynthia Skripak
Rev. Jeff Smalley
Pastor Paul Smith
Rev. Sheri Smith
Rev. Nancy Smith
Rev. Barbara Smith
Rev. Marilyn Smith Heishman
Rev. Jenny Smith Walz
Rev. Robert SnyderCa
Rev. Kwang Song
Pastor Holly Sortland
Rev. Susan Southall
Rev. Debbie Sperry
Rev.erand Constance Squire
Rev. Michele St. Cyr
Rev. Michaela St.Marie
Rev.erend Melanie Stanley-Soulen
Rev. Victoria Starnes
Rev. Peggy Stempson
Rev. Tom Stephenson
Rev. Jay Sterling
Dr. Jeffrey Sterling
Rev. Dr. Steven Rainey
Rev. Dr. Steven Tuell
Rev. Dawn Stewart
Carol Stine
Rev. Jim Stinson
Rev. Kathleen Stolz
Rev.erend David Stoner
Rev. Cyndi Stouffer
Rev. Amy Strader
Rev. Malcolm Stranathan
Dr Paul Stroble
Rev. Ashley Sullivan Helton
Rev. Kwang Sung Lim
Rev. Dr. Susan Martin Taylor
Rev. Dr. Susan Ostrom
Rev. Dr. Susan Woodard
Rev. Eric Swanson
Rev. Rachel Tabutol
Rev. Dr. Tamara Wilden
Rev. Stephen Tarr
Rev. Timothy Tate
Rev. Wendy Tate
Rev. Zachary Taylor
Rev. Helen Taylor
Pastor Michael Terrell
Rev. Dr. Theresa Mason
Rev. Roberta Thomas
Rev. Susie Thomas
Rev. Dr. Thomas Robinson
Charlene Thomason
Rev. Keith Thompson
Rev. Cindy Thompson
Rev. Timothy Thomson-Hohl
Rev. John Thornburg
Rev. Dr. Tiffany Steinwert
Rev. Dr. Todd Scranton
Rev. Hector Torres
Rev. Doug Trebilcock
Rev. Ann Trousdale
Rev. Arlene Tully
Rev. Beverly Tye
Rev. Meredith Vanderminden
Rev. Alicia Vanisko
Rev. Keith Vesper
Rev. Dr. Victor Gómez
Pastor David W. Meredith
Rev. Sherry Waddell
Rev. Jim Walker
Pastor Garyf Walpole
Rev. Dr. Walter Dilg
Rev. Carol WalvatneEe
Rev. Dr. Wanda Stahl
Rev. Dr Warren Russell
Rev. Diane Wasson Eberhart
Pastor. Gary Waters
Rev. Pat Watkins
Dr. Rev. Wayne Walters
Rev. Deborah Weatherspoon
Rev. Julia Webb-Bowden
Rev. Bruce Webster
Rev. Matt Weiler
Rev. Cara Weiler
Rev. Benjamin Weisbrod
Rev. Rosemary Welch
Rev.erend Leah Wells
Rev. Sue Wells
Rev. DanaBeth Wells-Goodwin
Rev. Jon Wesley Waterson
Rev. Walt Westbrook
Rev. Laurel Westover (Phillips)
Rev. Virginia Wheeler
Rev. David Wheeler
Pastor Teresa Whetsel
Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith
Rev. Andy Whitaker Smith
Dr. John White
Rev. Kristin White
Rev. Roy White
Rev. Lee Whiteside
Rev. Susan Whitley
Rev. Rebecca Wieringa
Rev. Dr. William Pfohl
Rev. Shelli Williams
Rev. Brian Williams
Pastor Matt Willis-Goode
Rev. Kelly Willoughby
Rev.erend Dan Wilson
Rev. Jeffrey Wilson
Rev. Callie Winn Crawford
John Philip Wogaman
Rev. Roger Wolsy
Pastor Alexx Wood
Rev. Donna Wood
Rev. Anita Wood
Rev. Brian Wood
Rev. Linda Wood-Boyle
Rev.erend Stephanie Wooten
Rev. Judy Worthington
Rev. Nina Wynn
Rev. Hajime Yamamoto
Rev. Dr. Yoo-Yun Cho-Chang
Pastor Melissa Yosua-Davis
Rev. Adam Young
Rev. Kathy Young
Rev. Bridgette Young Ross
Rev. Dottie Yunger
Rev. Tina Zimmerman
Rev. Donald R. Hoff

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