Over 100 students and young adults have already signed up for Sing a New Song! That means more than 1 in 5 of the people at Sing a New Song were not alive on the day Regan was shot. A good proportion of them do not remember the day the Challenger space shuttle exploded, and their whole lives have been lived in world fighting the AIDS epidemic. According to sociologists, these young people are more technological, more skeptical, more spiritual and less religious, than their older peers, and most don’t expect social security to exist by the time they are 65.

At Sing a New Song, these young people will find lots of exciting opportunities designed especially for them!

Children and Youth programs by amazing leaders are available to those under 18, see http://sans2011.org/children-youth-young-adults/ for details.

Young adults can participate in an all day forum sponsored by MOSAIC and On Fire where education, general conference planning and worship will celebrate our unique contribution to our movement and the world! On Friday and Saturday, affinity groups will be offered for Young people interested in ongoing leaders or volunteering at General Conference. And each evening, coffee and snacks will be served up with music and games in the young adult hospitality suite. For information about all these exciting opportunities, visit us at: http://umcmosaic.org/sans/

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