I will not tell you who you are any more.
You may tell me, and I will believe you.

I will not think I know.
I will not think I’ve been told,
or given a glimpse of the future.

I will expect nothing, carry nothing.
Whatever I receive in my encounter with you,
it will be a surprise,
it will be unanticipated,
it will be sheer gift.

God’s mercies will be new every morning,
and when I meet you,
it will be on fresh ground,
and maybe I will tell you my name,
and maybe you will tell me yours.

This blog was originally posted at LindyThompson.net

Lindy Thompson

Lindy Thompson is a lyricist and writer who has collaborated with Mark Miller on many pieces for choral and congregational singing. She lives in Franklin, TN where she and her family are members of Christ UMC. She blogs at lindythompson.net

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