Fairmont UMC

“1.  It is resolved that Fairmont United Methodist Church become a reconciling congregation, welcoming people of all sexual orientations and gender identities into the full life of our ministries.

2.  It is resolved that the Mission Statement of Fairmont United Methodist Church be revised to read as follows:

‘The mission of Fairmont Church is to love God, worship joyfully, advocate peace and justice and serve with Christ-like compassion.  Fairmont embraces the diversity of God’s children and welcomes all into the full life and ministry of our congregation, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientations and gender identity.’

3.  It is resolved that Fairmont United Methodist Church associates with the Reconciling Ministries Network, joining the network of churches who are actively working for the full inclusion of all people into the United Methodist Church, regardless of sexual orientations and gender identities.

4.  Fairmont United Methodist Church resolves to seek the removal of Paragraph 161 of the Book of Discipline’s Social Principles, which states that ‘the United Methodist Church does not condone the practice of homosexuality and considers this practice incompatible with Christian teachings.’  In keeping with the United Methodist tenet of ‘open minds, open hearts, open doors’ and its spirit of acceptance and inclusion, Fairmont resolves to advocate for replacement language that is positive, welcoming and non-judgmental.”

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