Everyone Means Everyone SS Class

“God’s greatest gift is Love and here at the Everyone Means Everyone Sunday School Class, we believe Love is for sharing. With Everybody. Life can be hard, and we need each other. Life can be wonderful, and we enjoy it more fully together. God gave us each a path to walk, and while we wind in our very own directions, we will all know bumps. Everybody. We can help each other through these, and ever and always seek to bring God closer. God put talents in each of our backpacks, talents that when freely shared, lighten our load and brighten our way. For Everybody. So whether your path is presently lit up like a runway, or where you’re stumbling along with a fledgling penlight, whatever your sexual orientation, gender identity, or background, you are welcome here. We will walk with you, celebrate The Light of Jesus with you, and we will come to know God’s greatest biggest Love together. Everybody is welcome here. Everybody.”

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