The day before Convocation started, folks from the United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion (UMATI) gathered with Austen Hartke for a day apart. Austen led us in an exercise to use Psalms to create new Psalms. Working in groups, we read a couple Psalms in the category of Praise Psalms, Lament Psalms, and Wisdom Psalms. From that reading, we highlighted the phrases that stood out to us and worked towards a new creation by lifting those phrases and combining them together along with the wisdom that came from the group.

Grace Cox-Johnson, who organized worship at Convo, was generous enough to give us the opportunity to read and share the Psalms we created during worship. We would like to share those Psalms with you and encourage you to use them in your worship.

– Rev. Terri Jane Stewart
They, them, their


By Dan, Gheeta, Dion


Through generations, your love, O Lord

has been poured out over your faithful servants.

In your liberating name we have boasted,

boasted in your glorious service!

Your Beloved Church, for generations

has welcomed and praised our faithfulness

And yet, we grapple as we name ourselves

truly within your Kin-dom.

How long must we bear the agony

of our authenticity when we were

created in YOUR image?

How much deeper must we sink in the dust,

taunted and reviled,

for the bodies which you designed.

We are tired, Oh Lord!

And yet, we rejoice in You, our Avenger!

Give light to the eyes of your Church, oh Lord,

lest it sleeps with the sleep of Death!

Rise up, come to our help.

Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love.



By Diane, Suzanne, Tina


Do not touch my anointed ones;

Do my prophets no harm;

Those whose non-conforming gender identity

Creates a visible sign of the fullness of God’s creation;

Speaking truth to those who seek truth

to save and serve the young and vulnerable.

These prophets exhort the faithful

to seek the Lord to live

together in peace and unity.

The Lord helps them

and they shall be

kept safe forever.



A Psalm on Being Seen

By Terri, Alyss, Brian


Praise is due to you, O you who answered prayer!

I have cried to you for help and you have

drawn me up to you and you have seen me.

Clothe me with joy, turn my mourning

into dancing as my soul praises you.

You are the hope of all the ends of the earth

and of the farthest sees.

My being is no longer silenced.

I am established as an

unmovable flourishing mountain

watered by the river of God.

The waters create pastures in the wilderness

that are witness to my joy in you.

I will give thanks to you forever.

Amen and amen!

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