Minnetonka United Methodist Church of Minnetonka, Minnesota

On October 17th, 2010 an all church conference of Minnetonka United Methodist Church overwhelmingly adopted this welcoming statement and declared themselves a Reconciling Congregation.

The vision of Minnetonka United Methodist Church is to be caring, inclusive and spirit-filled in all that we do. Our commitment is to follow Christ’s example and, as a Reconciling congregation, to welcome persons of all sexual identities and orientations into the faith community.

A typical suburban congregation in a beautiful part of Minnesota, Minnetonka UMC has seen steady growth for the least several years. The Reconciling process in the last two years which included education on sexual orientation and gender identity, Bible study about Jesus’ example of fully inclusive ministry, and discernment of God’s vision for the congregation encouraged and strengthened the community growth both in welcoming new people and encouraging established members.

In their letter, Minnetonka shares this message with prospective communities:
“We believe – encouraged by recent votes in the Minnesota Annual conference – that our denomination is ready to turn the corner on this issue, and we pray that other congregations will face and have a similar, positive experience. We believe growing the ranks of Reconciling Congregations is the key to persuading the General Conference to heal our denomination such that we fulfill the great commission and bring all to loving relationship with God and with all our neighbors.”

To learn more about Minnetonka United Methodist church, visit them at www.minnetonkaumc.org

Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church of Little Rock, Arkansas

On October 26trh, Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church officially adopted a welcoming statement which reflects the welcome of this fully inclusive church. This congregation has welcomed all persons without discrimination for many years, and had engaged in conversations about both sexuality and the importance of supporting the national work of RMN in the past. A series of films and discussions reminded the congregation of their Christian duty to proclaim the gospel for all people, and in the fall two meetings were held to write and perfect a welcoming statement.

In October, the Administrative Council and Church Conference both unanimously adopted this welcoming statement, joining the MFSA chapter of the Arkansas Annual Conference as the second Reconciling group in the beautiful state of Arkansas.

Drawn together by the loving grace of God, we of Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church believe that there are no inherent barriers to living in relationship with Christ. We welcome into our faith community people of all ages ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities economic means and family structures.

You can learn more about Quapaw Quarter UMC at their website: www.qqumc.org

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