In reading Isaiah 40: 1-11 this week, I hear a resounding cry of “enough.” In my musical reflection, I ask where God might be speaking words of “comfort” and “enough” in the world today. In my context, I hear those cries most clearly coming from communities who continue to suffer from the oppression of racism in the United States and survivors of sexual assault, specifically on our college campuses.

Although this passage clearly asserts the importance of comfort in the midst of suffering, I believe that God’s is also crying “enough.” To me, “enough” is a larger Divine cry for justice. I do not know the value of comfort without justice.

As a queer-identified man living with intersecting cis-gender privilege and white privilege, I do not offer this reflection as an answer to injustice. Rather, I offer it as a means of encouraging dialogue within religious communities during this Advent season.

I am especially moved by the communal depiction of salvation in this piece of poetry from Isaiah, “Then the glory of God shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together” (40: 5). My hope is that God’s promise of comfort and justice might echo true to modern peoples living in physical and spiritual exile and that we might see God’s glory revealed together this Advent and all days.

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