On Thursday, June 23rd, the Minnesota Annual Conference passed the following resolution:

Resolution in Response to the Pulse Nightclub Shootings in Orlando

On June 12, 2016, over 100 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender persons were shot at a Latino night at the Pulse Night club in Orlando, Florida.

We, the members of the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church stand in horror at the loss of life and safety.

At the recent meeting of the New England Annual Conference, UMC, the Rev. Lindsay Flick told the conference how, at age 13, a United Methodist told her she was going to hell because she was gay. She continued with the following words:

“I stand before you all today, asking for truth… I am asking that we all quit pretending as though we are providing a healing witness. I ask that we stop pretending that our hands are clean in the spreading of hate, and in the oppression of LGBTQ people. I ask that we stop the whitewashing of all of our stories.”

We are humbled to know that within the United States, Christian teachings and other religious traditions are now and have been perverted to justify violence, killing and hate crimes.

We, the members of the Minnesota Conference of The United Methodist Church, commit ourselves:

— To repent of the ways in which our words and The United Methodist Church’s positions toward LGBTQ persons have been used to demean, discriminate and encourage violence; and,
— To find timely avenues toward resolution after 44 years of dialogue; and,
— To practice humility and gentle conversation with those in our church who have convictions different from our own. We seek a time when, as United Methodists, we all can practice and live in a church where our actions are in accord with the call of God; and,
— To pray for our bishop, Bruce Ough, as he seeks to lead the Council of Bishops and its commission to the place where God is calling us today.

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