You have probably read his Letter from a Brimingham Jail, but have you read Dr. King’s letter from a cell in Albany, GA? In it King makes the argument that when “the non-violent resistor refuses to cooperate with a law that is out of harmony with the laws of God and the laws of morality, he must break the law– but in doing so, practices civil disobedience and accepts the penalty, thereby practicing moral obedience and transforms the jail into a haven of liberty and freedom.”

Over Labor Day weekend Reconciling Ministries Network will be holding its convocation in D.C. themed “ChurchQuake: Embracing Freedom“. There is a story in the Bible of Paul and Silas locked up in a jail cell for their civil disobedience. And when they began to sing songs, the earth shook and their chains were released.

I have to wonder if Dr. King had that story in mind when he transformed a jail in Albany into a haven of liberty and freedom.

Here is the letter, in Dr. King’s own typing (from the King Center Archive):


– by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. –



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