I am queer, I am trans, and I am a recovering Baptist.

I feel as though this is enough, right?  But really, there’s more to my story.

I have known United Methodists since high school. For a questioning agnostic like me, UMC folx have almost always provided safe harbor for my many identities, and for my soul.

I feel at home in #RMN churches. I interviewed a pastor who intentionally ministered to me. Looked me in the eyes and quoted his Sunday benediction:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made…

I used that blessing  as the title for my paper which, incidentally, quoted Harvey Milk at length.

What I discovered in my research and the interviews with Reconciling Methodists was that it really doesn’t matter even though it does.

We are all human, all of us.

The UMC is currently denying us our humanity, ignoring the scriptures that tell us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That Jesus has anointed us in the presence of our enemies.  That we belong.This matters.

I’m the parishioner/spiritual child of a former Methodist who became a Unitarian Universalist because of UMC purges in the 1980’s. His spiritual questioning made him more at home in the Universal Unitarian world, but his stomach turned in seeing his friends and colleagues ousted because of something as insignificant and intimate as sexuality.

I watch The UMC to see if I’m welcome.  A vicarious blessing, a piece of myself hanging on by molecules of connective tissue.

I will probably always be a UU, but The UMC has a piece of my soul.

I pray you’ll treat it gently.

Sam Allen

Sam Allen prefers their pronouns neutral. Chai cold. Chocolate hot. Their audiobooks thought-provoking. A native of Stockton, Sam is 34 and, until recently, was still deciding what to do with their life. They were the first staff person for Delta College's Pride Center, and they are now embarking on a seminary degree. An IB grad and Stan lover, Sam's true passion is observing humans in their natural habitats.

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