According to the text of the draft law, lottery operators are assigned to organizations that carry out operations related to monetary assets and other kinds of property.

 The document, initiated by the executive branch of the Russian Federation, is aimed at bringing the activities of the organization of the lottery segment in accordance with the legislative provisions on combating money-laundering, which were obtained illegally.

 Lawyer and specialist in the field of legislation regulating gambling, Maria Lepschikova on personal Facebook page said that we are talking about amending the Articles 5 and 7 of the Federal Law “On Countering legalization of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism”, as well as article 20 of the Federal law “On lotteries”. The latter refers to the improvement of activities related to the organization and conduct of lotteries. It is this aspect, according to the text of the explanatory note, the main purpose of the document was created.

 Innovation involves the definition of lottery operators as organizers, operating cash and other assets. The expert notes that we are talking about the implementation of the winning operators transfer activities under the contract on participation in the lottery. Thus, the lottery operator will impose requirements similar to those used to this kind of organizations according to the “anti-money laundering ‘laws.

 In addition, federal law will be supplemented by rules governing the situation in which the user identification can be abolished, – for this winning amount should not exceed 15 thousand rubles, and to raise concerns in relation to the probable fraudulent attempt to legalize income or financing of terrorism..

 The federal law will also be a norm, giving lottery operators the right to charge the identification of a specific law, the circle of people in the standard or simplified format. The latter is based on the contract, including having a multilateral character.

 Just a re-review of the draft law were approved six amendments, which are legal and technical in nature.

 Note that in July last year, the President signed the law, adjustment rules of the lottery operators. Read more about this in the material.

 Recall that the Russian government intends to take control of the process of the so-called regulatory guillotine. The essence of the legislative changes is to reduce the administrative burden in relation to the various types of organizations, including gambling operators.

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