I grew up in the AME Church, with parents who took me, NOT sent me, to church.

And even though that AME doctrine and our society was discriminatory in many ways, my parents taught me that my God, and Jesus Christ, loved me and everyone else just as they were and are.

I am dismayed with the discriminatory rhetoric today I hear and see from my international leadership in The United Methodist Church, because I remember when this very church discriminated against people like me, as we are made and designed by God, because of my heritage and color of my skin.

The days of Methodist church missionaries teaching discriminatory tactics in other countries and in America’s communities, of discriminating against certain ethnic groups and LGBTQ, and and others as church leadership are over. We are a loving people, and IT’S TIME for The United Methodist Church to join its people in the 21st century.

And through it all I remember the teachings of Jesus Christ, who even as He was working to live in his own discriminatory society, found love and respect and acceptance for others, even as new identities had not yet been defined in those times.

I ask that you walk Christ’s walk, and express love for all.

I ask as a straight woman of 73 years old, who respects and accepts the presence and gifts of all, no matter their sexual orientation or gender or ethnic identity. IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME!

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