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During the plenary on Saturday, May 16, dozens of protestors stood silently at the bar to call out the silencing and policing of the LGBTQ community at General Conference. A lay delegate from New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church takes a point of personal privilege to request an apology to Dr. Dorothee Benz. On Thursday, Dr. Benz brought up LGBTQ persons and how they could be affected by Rule 44 during the rule’s discussion and was ruled out of order. No apology was given.

The United Church of Christ penned a letter of solidarity to The United Methodist Church





The United Church of Christ issued a letter to The United Methodist Church as we advocate to end discrimination against LGBTQ persons saying, “We hold in loving care the courageous clergy and lay gathering to commit to the sacred work of dismantling religious traditions that threaten our unity as one body.”

The letter written by UCC national officers can be found in it’s entirety, HERE.

Stopping the Exportation of Homophobia to African Countries

Mpagi Micheal took some time to sit down with us today and share about what brings him to the U.S., to Portland, and today, to the global gathering of The United Methodist Church. He is asking the church to help put an end to the exportation of homophobia to Uganda by way of conservative missionaries.

Mpagi shared with us about the insidious ways in which economic manipulation and western power have resulted in an anti-LGBTQ culture that, prior to the influence of Christian missionaries in the late 90s, didn’t exist in Uganda. ‪#‎ItsTime‬ we stop contributing to global harm, especially for our LGBTQ siblings across the globe.

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