Gather at the River is a welcome place for families with children. Special program activities for children (preschool and elementary age) and for middle and high school youth will be provided under professional leadership. Activities provided for children will include both exploring themes of inclusion and diversity as well as visiting sites of interest in the San Antonio area. Activities for children are generally planned during plenary and workshop sessions at Gather at the River, but in the interest of making this an optimal experience for all families, the children and youth leaders will consult with parents or adult chaperones to tailor the children and youth experiences and schedules to their needs.

Carol-Kohrs2Carol Kohrs has been Director of Children’s Ministries at Travis Park U.M. Church for the past eight years. She plans and implements weekly programming for 20 children and oversees nursery staff and volunteers. Travis Park’s focal ministry with the homeless informs the children’s ministry as it does all other ministries in the congregation. Carol brings her love of reading—cultivated as she raised her own three children—to her ministry, introducing wonderful children’s books to the congregation as well as to the children. She also actively works with families to support adults in guiding their children on their faith journeys.

Contact Carol at if you have questions or need more information about the children’s program.

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