Children and Youth

Children and youth have the opportunity participate in age-appropriate, justice-focused activities throughout Convocation. Students of all ages will learn how to become advocates (and activists!) for justice, explore how the Bible calls us to love one another, and have the opportunity to participate in community art projects led by a special guest artist. Of course, the days will also be filled with games, fellowship, and fun! We know our children are our future and we must teach them to love in an increasingly diverse and complex world!

Leader Bio

Nicki Reinhardt-Swierk is the Associate Director of The Center for Social Empowerment in Ferguson, MO.  She spent two years teaching elementary special education as a Teach for America Corps member before studying Religion, Ethics, and Politics at Harvard Divinity School.  A St. Louis native with more than 11 years of community organizing experience with a focus on issues related to gender, sexuality, and race, Nicki has a talent for helping students understand complex social and religious concepts.  Nicki is also the author of Holding Up Your Corner: Youth Resource, a Biblically- based and theologically informed curriculum to helps middle and high school students talk about and address injustice.

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