As a Reconciling Congregation, we will take the following actions:

  • Adopt the below Welcoming Statement as our church statement and make it available in print in our front office and post it on our church website.
  • Register as a Reconciling Congregation with the national Reconciling Ministries Network. 
  • Identify our church as a Reconciling Congregation on our website homepage and on other social media platforms.
  • Open our facilities for weddings of LGBTQ people.
  • Support the individual choice of each member of our clergy on whether to perform weddings of LGBTQ people.
  • Advocate for full inclusion of all people into the life, ministry, and leadership of our church and denomination.
  • Advocate for the civil and religious rights of all people in our community and state.

Welcoming Statement. We are a reconciling community of faith and believe that all people are created in God’s image and that God’s love and grace extend to everyone. We welcome the full inclusion of all people into our church family and into a walk with Jesus Christ regardless of:

  • Race, creed, culture, or nation of origin;
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • Marital status;
  • Physical or mental ability; 
  • Political or theological identity;
  • Economic status; or
  • Any other label placed upon people.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome in the life, leadership, and ministry of Salem First United Methodist Church.

Visit First UMC’s website here.

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