Everyone is welcome at First Church… no matter the color of your skin, whether you are rich or poor; a high school drop-out or a graduate from the Ivy Leagues; gay, straight, or whatever your sexual orientation is; love the Church or have been wounded by the Church; are male or female, transgender, or whatever your gender identity or expression may be; Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, New Age, spiritual, or nonreligious; conservative, liberal, or somewhere in the middle; have kids or don’t have kids; certain of many things or full of questions; able-bodied or differently-abled; young or old, love Alabama or Auburn or neither; are happy, sad, or mad; an immigrant or a refugee; in a relationship or not; considered a big deal or no deal at all… First Church is glad you are here! Our doors are open to you because we are OPEN for ALL!

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