My sister is gay. She just retired as a Probation Officer and worked with very marginalized people. I never heard her speak with anything but respect for her clients, helping them to believe they were worthy and could turn their lives around. Her partner who I consider to be my sister in-law just retired as a Health and PE teacher and coach at a title one school.

Growing up in poverty, a teacher helped her to recognize her talents, to continue her education, and to get out of poverty. More importantly, the teacher helped her to believe in herself. She has paid it forward many times by helping her own students realize a way out of poverty. She has had students credit her with them realizing they have the potential to go on to college. Some have even become professionals in their given sport and continue to change lives.

I was proud to have them as role models for my daughter, and I think it is a mistake not to embrace wonderful people like my sister and sister-in-law in The United Methodist Church.


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