Embrace Circle (UMW) of Countryside UMC

We the members of the CUMC Embrace UMW Circle, affirm all of God’s creations are of sacred worth, and wonderfully and thoughtfully made in the image of God. Through the work of the Spirit upon our hearts, we embrace all individuals as siblings regardless of their physical and mental abilities, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, or faith background. Furthermore, we seek to create a safe place for all women to freely grow in their faith and become the truest, most honest version of themselves. In loving, accepting, and affirming all individuals, we reflect the influence of God within ourselves and our circle; we reshape our families, the community of our church, and the surrounding areas through the Wesleyan mandate to “Do all the good we can. By all the means we can. In all the ways we can. In all the places we can. At all the times we can. To all the people we can. As long as we ever can.”

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