Dear Bishop Johnson,

We, the undersigned clergy of the Philadelphia Episcopal Area who stand in support of all LGBT members within the world-wide United Methodist Church, present the following petition:

We appreciate your recent public expression of concern over the discrimination that still exists in our Church as well as culture. We know your heart is filled with love and compassion toward those who are marginalized and persecuted.

We need you to boldly lead us as our bishop in our advocacy of all LGBT members in the church. We find ourselves in a time of turmoil over differences in opinion and theology with regard to human sexuality. We are asking you to take a stand. Specifically we ask you to

  • Affirm our LGBT brothers and sisters in that they are persons of sacred worth, regardless of their sexual orientation;
  • Acknowledge that some statements in our Book of Discipline are discriminatory and that we need to engage in a process of discernment, prayer and change;
  • Refrain from bringing any clergy, bishops, and lay members to a church trial while this process of discernment, prayer and change is ongoing. 

We appeal to your good graces in the name of Christ’s example and teaching of unconditional love extended to all people, to be an episcopal leader of the entire United Methodist Church including our LGBT members, their families and supporters.

Respectfully submitted by


Frank Schaefer Herb Snyder
Robin Hynicka Sharon Vandegrift
John Pritchard Nancy Miller
Kipp Gilmore-Clough Ginny Miles
Dorothy Field George Tigh
Mark Young Sukja Bang
Joyce D. Wilson William Cherry
George R. Alt Bruce Hazelwood
Bob Hannum Joy Bagwell
David William Brown David Krueger
Richard Cox David Myers
Truman Brooks David Tatgenhorst
Reinhard Kruse Fred Day
Gary Schongalla-Bowman Melody Porter
Donald Zeiter David Eckert
Warren Cederholm Jim Hallam
James F. McIntire John McEllhenny
Susan Cole William Lentz
Ann S. Wilson Amy Emmett Rardin
David Wesley Brown Barbara K. Emery
Lydia Muñoz Susan Worrell
Doris Dalton Shellie Sterner


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